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Danna Paola gave details about the time she was asked to marry her at an amusement park in the US: “Un fail, fatal”

(Photo: Instagram/ @dannapaola)

As part of its most recent premiere XT4S1S, Danna Paola She has appeared in various interviews and red carpets, where she has given details of her personal life, her recent relationship with Alex Hoyer, her future musical productions, as well as some anecdotes that have been presented to her in her life.

In this context, the young Mexican performer was in Language with Jesús Alzamora where he had the opportunity to give unpublished details of a fact little known to the press and his avid fans when he revealed that some time ago they tried to ask him to marry at Disneyland.

During their conversation taken up by the Twitter account, xtasypicyDanna Paola stated that on different occasions she has worked with Disney, however, He made special emphasis on the occasion in which they gave him the engagement ring, but the fact did not go well for the aforementioned.

Several times in my life I have been through Disney, in many situations, in everything you can imagine. They even tried to propose to me once there”, he told the well-known entertainment program in Youtube.

The interviewer asked Danna Paola what was your answer and she mentioned that she refused to marry: “A fail, fatal. God bless him, case closed there, “replied the actress.

Despite the insistence of the interviewer to know the identity of the man who proposed to him, the interpreter of Bad Fame and Hey Pablo He did not mention who was the person who proposed to him, Danna Paola’s silence left many questions among his avid fans, who apparently will be left with the doubt of knowing the identity of the aforementioned.

Danna Paola caused controversy in the presentation of her video, which has been pointed out as an invitation to substance use (Photo: File)
Danna Paola caused controversy in the presentation of her video, which has been pointed out as an invitation to substance use (Photo: File)

for now Danna Paola maintains a romance of a little over a year with fellow singer Alex Hoyer with whom she has been seen on more than one occasion during the different events to which she has been invited, under the tenor of getting married, on one occasion the lover of the famous actress god details on whether the couple ever considers getting married.

It was during an interview in mid-July for the cameras of come the joy where Hoyer was very happy about the relationship he has with the famous actress from Elite and, after being questioned about what the future holds for them, he replied that in a still distant future they have considered the option of marriage.

“That there is a wedding, yes, we both hope that there is a wedding, we do not know when, but let’s hope so, I tell you that we have dreamed, talked and talked about absolutely everything”, Alex Hoyer sentenced for the TV Azteca cameras.

In this sense, he pointed out that having children is something that they would also have considered, however, that plan would be more in the medium term, since they consider it important to go through other stages beforehand.

“We also agree on that side, we both love childrenshe loves her nephew, I love all my nephews and we love the idea, but for today, if obviously focused on developing all our dreams, on many goals that we want to achieve both together and separately, “he emphasized the artist.

Photo: @dannapaola / IG - @alexhoyer_ / IG.
Photo: @dannapaola / IG – @alexhoyer_ / IG.

On the other hand, in a recent meeting with the media during the Kids’ Choice Awards 2022, Alex Hoyer had the opportunity to delve into how the couple has become accustomed to the media harassment to which they have been exposed after making their relationship official.

“Communicating always, we are always on the same page and I think it has always helped us a lot in this process. It is very true, we support each other a lot, obviously on the personal side we both seek that support, and that support we have is very nice and I value it very much because she has helped me get out of many situations that were not good in my life, and get rid of people and more and vice versa,” he said.


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