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Danna Paola denies that ‘XT4S1S’ is plagiarism; “I love k-pop and admire the group a lot”

Danna Paola is one of the most acclaimed artists in recent years, which is why her songs have become impressive and the recent single ‘XT4S1S‘ was no exception, as it quickly became one of the most listened to songs.

However, a viral video emerged on TikTok, in which they claimed that the song was very similar to the theme Valkyriefrom the band k pop ONESUSwith which fans of oriental culture were quick to point the finger.

But Danna Paola denies that there is any connection between the two issues during the carpet of the popular awards for children and young people Kids’ Choice Awards.

Not at all (they have to do with the songs), one thing has nothing to do with the other; In fact, I think part of the song’s inspiration comes from a lot of musical experiments.“says the artist.

Likewise, the actress also addressed that it was not even a sampling or something like that and claimed to be a fan of the k-pop and the band he is accused of plagiarizing.

Within music production there is something called samples also; but this time it was, he couldn’t tell you that it was something unique or different, because in the end it’s a creation, it’s a completely different song and in fact, I love k-pop with all my being, I admire the group a lot and nothing to do with it“.

In an interview for MILLENNIUMDanna Paola said that her new song was a “perfect representation of feeling confident in myself and the freedom of expression and sexual freedom I have with my life.”

Also, I want to inspire other women to feel the way they want, to feel sexy in whatever they wear. I have experienced so much criticism of my physique that for me this moment is total freedom. ‘XT4S1S’ is the full extension of the word, it is being free and feeling sure of myself“said the singer.


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