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Danna Paola causes a stir upon her arrival in Mexico; arrives accompanied (video)

Danna Paola aeropuerto

The singer arrived on the Mexico Metropolis Airport asking to not harass her, as she feels numerous anxiousness concerning the harassment.

MEXICO CITY.- Danna Paola unleashed the mess on the Mexico Metropolis Airport upon arrival from Miami. Additionally, the singer induced the annoyance from the media, who he requested to not strategy him arguing that “there is Covid.”

After this demand of the singer, the reporters of a number of applications reacted with indignation, assuring that Danna was “rude” and “rude”, and so they reminded him that he was simply doing his job.

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Confronted with this controversy, the singer defined in social networks that he simply requested that they be a bit extra accountable with respect to the present scenario.

However however, didn’t point out something concerning the alleged teasing that he could not assist saying when the media requested him about his relationship with Alex Hoyer, and that she responded by mentioning phrases similar to: “exclusively, the young man helped her with her suitcases“or” here’s your exclusive. ”

Danna Paola, by her Instagram tales, commented that the harassment of the press has generated a major diploma of hysteria, so she asks that they respect her house. Along with reiterating that it is necessary that we take the well being measures carried out with warning to keep away from contagion of Covid-19.

“To me this kind of situation gives me a lot of anxiety. I am a person who does not like this that they are on top of one and more in pandemic […] It is really important that we take these measures and that in this world of entertainment we are a thousand times more cautious “, insisted the interpreter of” Calla tรบ “.

He completed his explanatory video by mentioning that “we should consider putting a press conference area at the airport for each time we arrive from a flight, go through there and have to tell how the trip went”.

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