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Danna Paola broke an impressive record on digital platforms with her new single “XT4S1S”

The singer is on important music popularity charts (Photo: Instagram/ @dannapaola)

Danna Paola continues to reap successes in his career as a singer, because after releasing his lead single for his new music album, XT4S1Sobtained an impressive record that has been a strong argument for international media to call it the new Latin Pop Princess.

The also actress obtained the record of the song by a Mexican artist with the highest number of streaming of 2022surpassing artists such as Belinda, Kenia Os and Paty Cantú, since only in Mexico received more than 375 thousand plays on Spotify in less than 24 hoursplacing itself as the most popular pop song of the moment.

He also debuted in position number 33 of the national count of the music platform, being for the moment his best position in his entire career as a singer, for which he has no hesitation in thanking his fans on social networks for the support he has received, because There are few pop songs that are successful in an era where reggaeton seems to be the dominant musical genre and more so by male exponents, such as Bad Bunny or J Balvin.

The music video of the song has obtained a large number of views (YouTube Capture: Danna Paola)
The music video of the song has obtained a large number of views (YouTube Capture: Danna Paola)

“OUUUUT NOW!!! XT4S1S X’ after almost a year without music, and a very intense creative process, I finally reconnected with who I am as an artist. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s more important to feel the music you’re creating in your soul and bones, than always searching for the ‘hit’. The songs are a hit when you really connect with them”, he began to mention in his account Instagram.

“I am very proud of this song and know in my soul that it is made with all the love and how its name says, with all the ecstasy that creating music generates in me. So proud to know that we made this song in our living room. I love and admire you very much, thanks for your magic. @alexhoyer_ NOW AVAILABLE! LISTEN YAAAA!!! A and enjoy discovering #XT4S1S for the first time, it’s quite an experience, and I hope it makes you feel a delicious vibe!!!! THX,” she finished.

The good reception of the public was also reflected in a large number of comments on social networks, where they not only applauded her for returning to pop, but also for serving as a writer and musical producer of the single, since she did it with her boyfriend. Alex Hoyerbeing the only participants in the authorship.

The new era has been cataloged by its fans as innovative (Photo Instagram: @dannapaola)
The new era has been cataloged by its fans as innovative (Photo Instagram: @dannapaola)

“Long live the women who make pop regardless of what today is reggaeton.” “A Mexican raising the name of the country even when there are already few artists who dare to launch something only pop and more solo as she did.” “Danna Paola surpassing the premieres of Belinda and Kenya Os despite the fact that the first is super viral because of Nodal and the second is a great promise.” “They will say mass but Danna always reinvents herself, maybe that’s why she is having so much success,” they wrote.

His first National Auditorium was sold out in just 10 minutes

When the protagonist of Dare to dream (2010) announced his Tour XT4S1S his fans went crazy to the point of finishing with the available tickets for the concert that he will offer next November 16 at the National Auditorium. This happened during the first special pre-sale day for Citibanamex beneficiary and shocked the singer so much that she shared her joy through a TikTok.

The actress promised to announce new dates.

“I have no words, I swear. sold out in pre-sale of my first National Auditorium… Is it serious? I swear I didn’t expect it. I love that life surprises me, that my career continues to surprise me. I swear to you that it is a great blessing and I thank you very much, I swear that you are going to live the best show of your life, ”he said.


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