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Daniella Navarro’s mother fights with Laura Bozzo: “Like a splinter,” they tell her

  • Daniella Navarro’s mother challenges Laura Bozzo.
  • The Peruvian assured that Daniella “disgusts” her.
  • Doña Carlota explodes after Laura Bozzo’s statements.

Mom Daniella Navarro fights. The name of Daniella Navarro is still present despite her departure from the famous Telemundo reality show, but this time she is once again on the part of her mother, Mrs. Carlota. It should be noted that this would not be the first time that she came out in defense of her daughter, because how to forget the great controversy with Niurka.

Now the married lawsuit is nothing more and nothing less than with Laura Bozzo, because let’s remember that during one of the Sunday galas of La Casa de los Famosos the Peruvian host assured that Daniella Navarro gives her “disgust”, which is why Mrs. Carlota She is willing to meet her face to face.

Laura Bozzo rants against several of her former colleagues

Mom Daniella Navarro fights

Many people have turned against the Venezuelan actress, because several cannot believe that at 38 years old Daniella still needs to be defended by her mother, but Mrs. Carlota is not interested in the least and is willing to take claws for his beloved daughter.

Laura Bozzo did not hesitate to say everything that had been saved during one of the galas of La Casa de los Famosos after her recent elimination from the famous reality show and it was there that the lawyer of Cuban origin lashed out against several former colleagues she had on the program from Telemundo, including Daniella Navarro.

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