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Monday, September 26, 2022

Daniella Navarro leaves her classmates in shock by over-perfuming her forbidden parts

  • Daniella Navarro is caught doing something else, unpleasant?
  • The Venezuelan surprises Laura and Zerboni for her actions
  • That was what he did?

Daniella Navarro prohibited parts: The Venezuelan Daniella Navarro does not cease to surprise by her actions, first she caused them to talk about her by being “daring” with Salvador Zerboni and then continuing to flirt with Nacho Casano. A few days ago she was caught doing something that was unpleasant for many.

Daniela has gained many followers and haters because of his attitudes. Remembering that most of the people who follow her started from when she had a fight with Niurka when they argued about the weekly budget. Now it seems that she has more and more haters.

What had Daniella done?

What had Daniella done?

In a video shared by Magazine_round, A video of the Venezuelan was released in which she is very calmly positioned on one of the comfortable armchairs of La Casa de los Famosos, from one moment to another, what would perhaps be the most “embarrassing” moment for the actress happens.

In the video it is not clearly seen where Daniella “grabs”, and then passes her hand over her nose, which suggests that she was sniffing what she touched, which many think was an intimate part. Although some comments claim that what she had grabbed was her skin. FILED FROM: Daniella Navarro Banned Parts

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