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Daniella Navarro and Nacho Casano appear more romantic than ever, but nobody believes them (VIDEO)

  • The Venezuelan and the Argentine began a rare relationship
  • Some believe that everything is a farce
  • What will the former contestants of La Casa de Los Famosos be up to?

Those people who tuned into the daily broadcast of the house of the famous know very well the great rivalry that was formed between the purple room and the blue room of The House of the Famous. Daniela Navarro and Nacho Casano started a relationship and surprised everyone since they were both enemies.

But the Venezuelan actress and the Argentine soap opera actor four days before the grand finale of Telemundo’s reality show have appeared in some interviews looking like they were a very happy couple. Although there are some people who do not believe this relationship to be true and both of them are faking it.

They showed their love at all times

They showed their love at all times

Daniela Navarro, Toni Costa, Nacho Casano, Salvador Zerboni and Ivonne Montero were the last to leave the house little by little. The Venezuelan became the fifth finalist and had to leave before everyone else. The cameras of the show captured the Argentine crying as hard as he could for Daniella.

After Nacho became the third finalist and left the show, he was greeted at the Telemundo studio with a big kiss from what appears to be his girlfriend. Besides that he gave her a great gift a nice bouquet of flowers and everyone in the studio was shocked.

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