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Daniela Romo returns to the National Auditorium

next september 13 Daniela Romo will return to the stage National Auditorium with the intention of celebrating life; It will be a concert to review her successes next to the public that has followed her for so many years, after Mexico City will also visit Monterey and Guadalajara.

During a press conference, the singer with more than fifty years of experience, announced the details of her next presentations that clearly make her very happy, since she will once again be close to her fans to make a trip with her most emblematic songs such as : “I’m not asking for the moon”, “Lies” Y “Jealousy”among many more.

“This adventure has me excited; as everyone knows my career is divided into two facets: the one that sings and the one that acts. I haven’t done this for a long time, I’m grateful. These concerts are my way of embracing life, we’ve all been through Quite difficult times these years of pandemic; many things happen in the world and my intention is simply to make my life happy and try to make others happy, share and make a nostalgic review. I do not believe in that all past time is better, but they are times gone by that bring us nostalgia and memories of what we were; that is the intention, it will be a very nice show,” the singer stressed during the talk.

By combining her two passions, acting and singing, it has been a great journey as she has put herself in the shoes of various characters and at the same time has performed songs in which she brings out the best in her.

“We are many people in one, because it is not the same when you are a child, when you are a teenager or when you become an adult; We live many lives in one. Actors are complicated because we love to play different lives,” he mentioned.

“Music is a joy, they say that he who sings prays twice, and it is a communion with people. At this moment in my life, after 50 years of traveling on stage, this is a beautiful way of hugging others: I repeat it because that is the intention, as when one is happy, as we are happy when we go out and see people again, we had a confinement that I think has been very painful for everyone, “he added.

Regarding the new generations, Daniela Romo added: “I have to thank their parents, even their grandparents, recently I was in hello dolly I was very amused when ladies arrived with their grandchildren, and they said that I am the true author of the songs they sing now. I have already gone through a transit of life in which other artists have recorded my songs. And now they rediscover me somehow,” she said.

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