Home Entertainment Daniela Rodrice is criticized by grandmother: “An international disgrace”

Daniela Rodrice is criticized by grandmother: “An international disgrace”

Daniela Rodrice criticada por abuela

The conversation of a follower of Daniela Rodrice caused controversy among, fans.

MEXICO.- Daniela RodriceShe is currently one of the Internet characters who can claim to have more admirers than critics, but this time she has famous tiktoker was the goal of a strong criticism.

To the surprise of her followers, the Youtuber was also responsible for showing her fans the attack that the grandmother of one of her fans carried out against her.

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Daniela Rodrice is criticized by a grandmother

Via your Twitter account, Daniela Rodrice divided image in which he a. showed WhatsApp conversation of a fan with her grandmother. However, only a few could imagine that in this conversation “the girl” (as her followers often say) was sharply criticized.

On the screenshot on which the tiktoker was marked, you can see that the young woman shared a sticker from Daniela Rodrice, which sparked the anger of the older adult, who immediately criticized the young woman who popularized the phrase, “You wanted to but couldn’t.”

“Oh, how ugly your monkey at the wheel! .. Miss Nägel! What an international shame!” Reads the conversation in which the grandmother had set no limits to the criticism of the influencer’s face and nails from Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

Daniela Rodrice celebrates grandmother’s criticism

Contrary to what was thought Daniela Rodrice was happy after being criticized by a follower’s grandma. And it celebrated that it is already known internationally. I have no hesitation in adding a little disrespect to his publication, and to celebrate his misfortune, he accompanied his criticism of a pit bull meme.

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