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Daniela Magun remembers that she rejected a prince of Morocco

The drivers of Divine Net on different occasions in the program they have told funny anecdotes that have happened to them, but they have also revealed some aspects of her life that few know, such as the fact that Daniela Magun rejected a Moroccan prince.

The Kabah member made this revelation in one of the latest broadcasts of Divine Net because she and her companions talked about whether at any time they made a decision to make a profit.

Daniela Magun was honest and mentioned that on some occasions she had the opportunity to take the easy way to get what she wanted, in this sense a life full of luxuries because on one occasion a prince originally from Morocco claimed her.

“A very foreign one, when I went they bathed me in a tub with petals and they didn’t let me move my hands and I said imagine right now I’m going to be the pretty wife, but when I’m 65, well I’m worth it.”

The famous commented that her colleagues from Kabah they joked with her to accept the prince, but she was reluctant at this.

“Imagine us in Morocco with precious stones,” his colleagues told him.

Daniela Magun mentioned that if she had made the decision to marry the prince, she would not have thought about her heart or other aspects of her life, although at that time he could have done it because he was going through a difficult time.

“It was a time when there was a lot of financial concern in my house and I think that this is also an incentive to make those decisions, because I thought a lot about the illusion of getting to tell my family that the economic problems are over.”

In addition to this experience, Daniela recounted that there were two other opportunities with some Mexicans, but he decided to follow what his heart told him.


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