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Daniela Beryl to Guerrero’s government

Daniela Beryl to Guerrero's government

Daniela Beryl spoke publicly about the final resolution of Guerrero General Prosecutor’s Office because they decided to close the case against the actor Eduardo “N” And he confirmed that he would request an emparo with the help of his lawyers.

The actress and host published a video on her social network where she confirmed that Guerrero magistrate decides to release his attacker Because the evidence of the offense of rape against her was considered insufficient.

A judge rejects Daniela Beriel’s evidence

Months after her complaint, the actress remained persistent about the alleged sexual abuse that This happened during a party in March 2020.

However, in recent times, Daniela Beryl alleges discrepancies in her case Because the evidence provided by him was not received by the judge.

“They protect rapists”

“It made it clear to me that the Attorney General’s office and Guerrero’s government” They are corrupt and protect rapists”, he wrote in his stories instagram.

Daniela Beryl commented that their lawyers could not produce evidence Because they were not given entry.

between them A few days ago actor Gonzalo Pea made a statement, On which the presenter had also accused him as his colleague.

Daniela Beryl pardons Gonzalo Peas

as reported megamedia group on its various forums, As of 2020, an arrest warrant was issued against Eduardo Ojeda Franco and Gonzalo Peas, accused of being an assailant and of aiding misconduct against Daniela.

Thanks to the fact that the affected woman withdrew, Daniela Beryl grants Gonzalo a pardon so he can return to Mexico and give his version. However, this was to no avail and the alleged rapist went free, reports infobae.com.

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