Daniel Dae Kim and Tony Goldwyn Face Off in NatGeo's First Look at

Daniel Dae Kim and Tony Goldwyn face off in NatGeo’s The recent zone: anthrax.

The upcoming six-hour miniseries dramatizes the occasions of 2001 after September. 11 with the US going through a brand new risk – anthrax letters. In ET’s unique first behind-the-scenes take a look at the anthology drama’s second installment, airing on the twentieth anniversary of the anthrax assaults, audiences get their first glimpse of Kim and Goldwyn in motion as Particular Agent from FBI Matthew Ryker and microbiologist Bruce Ivins, respectively.

Concentrating on journalists and politicians, the mail containing anthrax powder kills 5 individuals and causes panic throughout America. The Sizzling Zone: Anthrax, which takes place over a number of completely different time frames, follows Particular Agent Ryker as he tracks down the killer, discovering himself entangled in an unstable internet of psychological warfare.

“Our story basically follows two characters: Bruce and Ryker,” previews a mustached Goldwyn. “Bruce’s story is fascinating. He’s not at all what he appears to be.”

“Most of the time we’re on parallel paths and when we get together it should crackle,” Kim says, with Goldwyn including that the collection is “a very good detective story and an emotional drama”.

Harry Hamlin and Dylan Baker additionally star in The recent zone: anthrax.

The primary installment, which aired for 3 nights in Might 2019, starred Julianna Margulies and adopted the Ebola disaster in 1989.

The recent zone: anthrax premieres on three nights over Thanksgiving weekend, beginning Sunday, November 28 on NatGeo. To know extra The recent zone, look under.

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