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Daniel Bisogno is criticized for defending Platanito after creating pleasurable of Debanhi Escobar: “it is really black humor”

Daniel Bisogno, famous driver of windowing, prompted huge controversy when offering an opinion in favor of Platanito, who not long ago created pleasurable of a Debanhi Escobar femicide joke. Did not it appear to be critical? Why was it singled out?

It was in the most recent broadcast of Ventaneando, in which Daniel Bisogno defended the comedy of Platanito.

Daniel Bisogno.  (instagram)

Daniel Bisogno. (instagram)

‘Ventaneando’ criticizes Platanito for a ‘joke’ about Debanhi Escobar Daniel Bisogno thinks that he does not are worthy of a lawsuit

And it is that not like Pati Chapoy, Linet Puente and Pedro Sola -who regretted Platanito’s joke- Daniel Bisogno stated that what the comedian explained does not merit a lawsuit versus him.

In addition, he indicated that he defends black humor. This despite the simple fact that he reported he was not one hundred with Platanito, since it is not the time or the context for the case he built entertaining of: a femicide.

“I am in favor of black humor, I consider it is not the time or the sort, but we can not kill humor. Of program, what Platanito did is totally incorrect, but you can’t lawfully act in opposition to some thing like this, “unveiled Daniel Bisogno.

This just after Linet Puente condemned his joke in lousy style and that he defended that it is not well worth actively playing with the demise of any individual:

“There are items that need to not be played with and it is with the death of any person. That, although it is humor, it is not value it, ”said Linet Puente.

Ventaneando criticizes Platanito for Debanhi Escobar's joke |  SPECIAL

Ventaneando criticizes Platanito for Debanhi Escobar’s joke | Unique

And that Pati Chapoy celebrated that Debanhi Escobar’s mothers and fathers seek out to acquire legal action in opposition to him:

“How unfortunate… Perfectly completed -for lawful actions towards him-. I am likely to remind you, the girl states it clearly, they are profiting from the title of her daughter, “claimed Pati Chapoy.

As envisioned, there were being many Web end users and viewers who criticized Bisogno’s opinion, as they declare that what Platanito did was make entertaining of the women and households of victims of femicide.

“Terrible joke about the banana but about the folks who laugh” “Platanito does badly, which is not humor, Daniel” “The 1st to exercising black humor is Daniel, and now paty chapoy states that this very little banana is wrong” “What a lack of respect for Debany’s dad and mom, and how terrible that clown and Daniel “it is not the time”, for God’s sake, not now or ever! full absence of empathy with the discomfort of other people ”, he pointed out.


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