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Daniel Bisogno explodes against Livia Brito in ‘Ventaneando’ after prohibiting the use of his image: “it’s a riot”

Livia Brito, soap opera actress, caused tremendous controversy by revealing in a meeting with several media outlets her demand that they not use her image and voice without her consent. For this reason, in the Ventaneando program, the drivers strongly criticized her and wished that she would hopefully return to her country of origin, since they assure that the famous woman only uses the media for her benefit. In addition to that they remembered how she allegedly beat and robbed a Mexican paparazzi.

It was during the most recent broadcast of Ventaneando where Pati Chapoy, Mónica Castañeda, Daniel Bisogno and Pedrito Sola strongly criticized Livia Brito by presenting their rejection of the media about the use and distribution of her image.

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In front of the media, the famous woman read a fragment of article 18 of the Civil Responsibility Law in which she seeks to assert her right so that her voice or image is not used in the media and thus protect the right to privacy , her honor.

“For the purposes of this Chapter, the dissemination or commercialization of the image of a person without their express consent will constitute an illegal act,” he indicated.

Given this action, Daniel Bisogno ruled that the famous was a kick, called her a clown and even criticized the way she was dressed:

“It became a kick in the balls, forgive me for saying so, what a mess, what a bottle! From the outset, she is already dressed as the mayor of a delegation, who the hell is going to strip her like that? Now, if she does not want to be recorded, we can tear her apart, if we wanted, without an image, but we can also not take her at all, or interview her to promote her novels or anything about her, “said Daniel Bisogno.

In this sense, Mónica Castañeda stressed that the Cuban woman has always been a difficult person for the media: “she has always been -rude-… she is a sucker”.

In this regard, Pati Chapoy was not far behind and ruled that he never imagined that he was so petulant:

“I never thought he was so petulant,” he said.

Finally, Pedro Sola indicated that Livia Brito should be returned to her country:

“They should return her to the island, what is she doing here?… But, Paty, where does she come from? From Cuba, let her return,” she added.

Finally, Daniel Bisogno stressed that what Livia Brito is achieving is that they do not interview her again:

“The only thing he is achieving is that a microphone or a camera is not approached again and I do not think it is convenient for a public figure,” he concluded.


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