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Daniel Bisogno defended Ana Claudia Talancón after appearing drunk: “Have they never been like this?”

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Ana Claudia Talancon was recently in the eye of the hurricane, after appearing on August 31 at the premiere of the film I’m your fan apparently intoxicated. Given this and the harsh criticism that he received, it was Daniel Bisogno himself who came out in his defense.

It all happened during a broadcast of windowingwhere the drivers resumed the moment in which the actress had a meeting with the media and the reporters realized that possibly she wasn’t completely sober. To this, in the first instance Ricardo Manjarrez did not hesitate to attack the famous and point out that his appearance in that state would not have been correct.

“She is the protagonist, it is good that she went to celebrate with friends before, with the same cast, but I think he missed the drinks too much and not only because of what you see, but because I was in the interview and well… it did smell a little, “said Manjarrez.

After presenting the note, Daniel Bisogno He took the floor and stressed that the moment should not be taken so seriously, since it was something that could happen to anyone.

“I ask myself and I ask you a question, dear public Have you ever been fart? sentenced before the cameras of the most famous evening of Aztec TV.

To this, Ricardo mentioned that in any case, Bisogno himself would not be able to reach the television forum in those conditions. But, Daniel returned to answer for Ana Claudia.

“Not to the forum, because the boss, forget it. But, that you pour your drink to celebrate an event like that”, He pointed out and implied that there was nothing wrong with it.

At that moment, Pedro Sola took the floor and added that, from his perspective, The actress’s attitude was unjustified, as it was a lack of professionalism.

“But if you know there’s going to be a Q&A, that there’s going to be a carpet, that you’re the star of the movie, that’s exactly what shouldn’t happen. There was a meal and they toasted, on that day I would not have toasted”, he highlighted.

Pedro Sola pointed out that “he apologized” for the slip to Ana Claudia, because she was a good person and an actress with a long history, however, he recommended that she be more cautious in the future.

The appearance of Ana Claudia Talancón

During the afternoon of August 31 in Mexico City, where it was decided to make the premiere of the project I’m your fan, Reporters, critics and other attendees have already shared videos and audios on social networks where they report that Ana Claudia Talancón “arrived in an inconvenient state” at the celebration of her great project.

The questions were answered differently from how she usually gives interviews, you can even see the concern of its representatives and work team by get her out of the moment fast so she won’t spend any more time in the spotlight of the invited media, but it was not like that because she asked to be left a little more and allowed to finish the fun interviews.

In one of the viral publications shared by the entertainment journalist Alan Morales, you can see part of the questions and answers that the renowned actress has, who gave life to Carla Garcia Charlie in the popular series. Although he announced that there will be a third season of I’m your fandid not want to take the subject of his personal life or give spoilers about the project that will be published until September 7 in cinema and then on streaming platforms.


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