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Daniel Bisogno compared himself to Danna Paola after saying that he also suffered “body shaming”

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Daniel Bisogno is one of the most controversial television hosts in Mexico and, after the multiple criticisms he has received Danna Paola for his physical appearance in recent years, the famous broke the silence to comment on it and tell a similar experience that the singer lived.

And it is that recently, the actress who gave life to the character of Lucrecia in the Spanish series Elite has been the target of strong accusations for its thinness, The artist has even publicly defended herself to point out that she is healthy and in a good stage of his life.

It was so, during the most recent broadcast of windowingthe presenters resumed that the interpreter of Sodium or Hey Pablo Soon he will release a new single. Given this, the The subject of the harsh criticism that Danna has suffered for her now sudden weight loss was not long in coming.

In this sense, Bisogno confessed that the situation the young actress was going through was no stranger to him, since he also received body shaming (corporeal humiliation).

“Now because she is thin, they criticize her, a bunch of envious people they are. With me, first it was fat, now that: ‘play sick’, they no longer know what to scrub with, because I still want to please them, but never again, ”said the driver before the laughter of his program partners.

It should be remembered that it was in 2020, when Daniel Bisogno became a trend on social networks after appearing on national television with many fewer kilos. Thus, the speculations around the reasons for his physical change were immediate and some Internet users did not hesitate to think that he had possibly undergone cosmetic surgery or had some disease.

“The reason for your weight loss was because of the two weeks you were sick.” “When they lose so much weight, they begin to see sick faces.” “Who was your surgeon?” “Many congratulations Mr. Bisogno! You can see his discipline in losing the extra pounds he had ”were some of the comments that appeared in Instagram at the time.

What is body shaming

The body shaming translates into Spanish as corporal humiliation, which consists of mocking, criticizing or shaming someone for a certain weight, although it can also be done with other physical aspects such as height, beauty, skin color or tattoos.

(Photos: Windowing)
(Photos: Windowing)

According to an interview for the digital magazine GQ with the psychologist Adriana Ortiz, a graduate in psychology from the National Polytechnic Institutethe body shaming it is a problem instilled in society and by beauty standards that are impossible to meet.

“We have been taught to privilege appearance over talent”, added Adriana Ortiz to GQ.

Likewise, it affirmed that the cruel practice that predominates in social networks can originate a series of mental disorderssuch as anorexia, bulimia, among others.

In the same way, he mentioned that it can generate narcissism by giving more importance to appearances.

“The main thing is to understand that we are all different and we have different body types. Perfection is an illusion and we are not going to achieve it. This does not mean that you do not take care of your body, we must try to get the best version of ourselves, but from our own genetics and accepting that we have different characteristics, “she added.


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