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Daniel Arenas suffers assault in Colombia and complains on social networks

  • The soap opera heartthrob is the victim of a robbery
  • He exposes the situation he experienced in social networks
  • What happened to him?

One of the most beloved actors is Daniel Arenas, who was unfortunately the victim of an assault on the streets of Bogotá, Colombia. The actor commented through his social networks that he was the victim of “thieves” and told what happened in a park in that country.

It seems that celebrities are not exempt from this type of situation happening to them, and the Colombian actor was a victim of this in his own land of that act. He was recorded complaining and telling how upset he felt after experiencing that event.

Daniel was not silent

Daniel was not silent

After having taken a break in his career to find a character that can add him as an actor, Daniel has dedicated himself to enjoying his romance with the Colombian Daniella Álvarez. It seems that everything in her homeland looked great, until recently when she was the victim of an assault.

Through insta stories He made his followers part of what had happened: “Hello, how are you? I haven’t been here for a while to say hello. Today I do it because I want to tell you two things that I consider important, ”the Televisa soap opera heartthrob began. FILED FROM: Daniel Arenas Suffers Assault

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