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‘Danger!’ Champion Amy Schneider tops $ 1 million with 28th straight win

  'Danger!'  Champion Amy Schneider tops $ 1 million with 28th straight win

Amy Schneider is a millionaire! The 42 year old software engineering manager did the feat on Friday in the episode of. accomplished Danger!, after their 28th victory in a row.

Schneider saw her total profit rise to $ 1,019,600 after raking in $ 42,200 in the previous episode. Guest presenter Ken Jennings broke the historical news – she becomes only the fifth millionaire in Danger! History and only the fourth candidate to make it in the regular season.

“It feels great, it feels weird,” Schneider said in a statement released to multiple outlets. “It’s not a sum of money that I would have ever expected to be associated with my name.”

Nailed Schneider’s “Final Jeopardy” answer? “‘Norwegian Independence Day’ and a vast blue sea are mentioned in chapter 1 of a 1948 book by this man. ‘” She bet $ 9,800.

Schneider first hit the headlines in December after setting the record for most consecutive wins at the age of 21, beating Julia Collins’ 20 wins. Schneider is also the first openly transgender candidate to qualify for the Tournament of Champions.

Crossing the $ 1 million mark is welcome news for Schneider, who revealed earlier this week that she had been stripped of her personal items. She later announced on Twitter that she also got sick.

As Schneider’s fans rushed to her social media account to offer support, the same fans are now showering her with praise. A fan tweeted: “Wow! Pretty damn great and inspiring! Go @Jeopardyamy Go!

Another fan wrote, “It was so great to see @Jeopardyamy crush it every week, but even more great to see her hit $ 1 million in winnings! She knows all there is to know about anything and is SO impressive. GO AMY! “


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