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Dancer who kissed Bad Bunny reacts to show at the MTV VMAs; “let’s go for more”

bad bunny caused a sensation once again, this time for his appearance at the awards MTV VMA’s and for allegedly having kissed one of his dancers during his performance.

After going around social networks, the artist appeared on his social networks with a reaction for his appearance on stage with one of the most relevant artists worldwide.

Is about Nigel O’Briana professional dancer originally from Puerto Rico and who, in addition to being part of the tour of bad bunnyhas been in shows with artists of the stature of Nio Garcia or Rauw Alejandro.

Through his Instagram, he shared the clip in which we see him at the moment when his face approaches that of Benedictand writes a message in which he claims to add one more achievement, referring to his performance on a stage such as the MTV awards.

“Mommy and Papi Miraaaaaaaa, another achievement.MAS 2022 and on tour with the number 1 artist worldwide. And best of all, making history with my peers alongside a mastermind,” he says.

“I still don’t know how to process that every sacrifice is having its reward and more so when it’s what I really want,” he admits. “WE DID IT C*BR*N*S AND GO FOR MORE“, He concludes without touching on the subject of contact but does include a photo of the moment on the carousel.

In yet another post, we only see him performing his choreography during the show and he writes: “He has all the crazy boys and the crazy girlswithout saying much more.

At the same award bad bunny won recognition as Artists of the Year, proving that wherever you stand, you are inevitably recognizable.

Thank you very much. From my heart I cannot describe what I feel, the pride of receiving this award. I have been saying from the beginning that I could be great without changing my culture or my language“, said the ‘Bad Rabbit’ upon receiving the statuette.


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