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Dance, drinks and a menu of pizzas, empanadas and meat: Wanda Nara enjoyed the night with her closest circle in MiamiAccompanied by Mauro Icardi and Zaira Nara, the businesswoman shared an evening with family and friends, after the launch of its online store in the United States, in an exclusive restaurant

Wanda Nara with Zaira and Mauro Icardi

This Saturday, Wanda Nara He completed his big day with a very special celebration after presenting his Wanda Cosmetics online store in the United States.

After an event in which her husband Mauro Icardi, her daughters and her sister Zaira, her great friends and celebrities participated to support this great moment for the businesswoman, Wanda and her closest circle decided to continue celebrating at Shelter, a rest of Miami.

The chosen place put together a family-style, a concept that is used today when there are many diners at the same table that consists of unfolding different sources of tables and trays. In this opportunity There was no shortage of empanadas, burrata salads, different cuts of meat such as entrails and two pizzas, one of which was fugazzetaas far as he could tell Teleshow.

Wanda and Zaira Nara with Lilian Rickard, manager of Shelter

The choice of drink went through water, beer and some drinks that were consumed once the dinner was over. When the dance began there was a round of Tequila among those who were encouraged, which included Wanda herself. In one of the videos to which this medium had access, you can see most of them doing a very happy little train when the local DJ, Fabián Ergas, put on the theme A beer, performed by the Argentine group Burst.

Wanda Nara in the night of Miami and the round of Tequila with family and friends

In her Instagram Stories, Wanda showed part of the meeting where she is seen next to her sister Zaira Nara covering her mouth. In the image appears the phrase: “Pizza & secrets”. Surely, at dinner there were talks and anecdotes about recent times where both were protagonists of the media due to the rumors of separation from their respective partners.

Zaira and Wanda Nara
Zaira and Wanda Nara

The media also published a video where he receives the approval of his life partner Mauro Icardi who unexpectedly arrived in the northern country on Friday and did not take a single minute away from his wife to support this professional moment of Wanda.

“Surprise,” Wanda wrote at 6 a.m. on Friday, sharing a photo on her Instagram stories in which she was seen in bed hugging her youngest daughters, in front of her husband’s attentive and tender gaze. Icardi, for his part, was in charge of posting an image in which he is seen on a boat with Wanda and in front of the unmistakable landscape of South Beach. Of course, if the reunion was something planned or it was an idea of ​​the player in his desire to rebuild the relationship, it is something that only they know.

Wanda’s dance and the rest of the guests

In the next few days, Wanda Nara will continue with the recordings of Who is the mask?the new big show that will be hosted by Natalia Oreiro and in which she will play the role of “investigator” with Lizy Tagliani, Karina The Little Princess Tejeda Y Robert Moldavsky. The program will start next Monday, September 12 on the Telefe screen and will take the place left by La Voz Argentina, which is in the final rounds to meet the best singer of the contest.


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