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Dance company accuses ‘La Academia’ of discrimination and homophobia: “They asked us to vacate the stage”

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The Mexico of Colors dance company accused the reality show The academy of discrimination and homophobiasince its members could not appear on the TV Azteca program because the production asked them to wear “men’s clothes”, something that goes against his concept.

Through a publication on its Facebook page made on July 30, the company detailed this situation: “We were invited by Lety Lopez to accompany her in her presentation that he will have in the Academy of TV Azteca”.

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“Unfortunately today, July 30, at the end of the rehearsal prior to the recording of the program, the production (we don’t know who specifically) said: ‘They can’t dance like that, if they want to do it it would have to be in men’s clothes’. By refusing to change our costumes and defend our concept, we were asked to vacate the stage and we were left out of the program”, reported México de Colores.

“We are a professional dance company with more than 10 years of experience. We have stepped on stages such as the Esperanza Iris City Theater, the Miguel Covarrubias Hall of the UNAM, more than 18 states of the Mexican Republic and we have been in countries such as the United States, Cuba, France, among others”, added the company.

Finally, the message pointed out that one month after LGBT+ pride, “these facts remind us that we still have a long way to go because #NoSomosBienvenidxsEnTVAzteca and our voices must sound louder and louder #HastaQueLaDiversidadSeHagaCostumbre”.

A day later, on July 31, Alberto Salgado, artistic director of the company, detailed what they lived in The academy through a video: “We were invited by Lety to accompany her in a number that she was going to present. We arrived at the Miramontes facilities, we got to the stage, we rehearsed the entire number, everything went perfectly and at the end a production person approached us and asked us what the costumes were that we were going to use, we showed it to him, everything it was going well”.

“We got to the dressing room and a few minutes later Lety goes to tell us very sad that they had given him the indication that we could not go on stage unless it was in men’s clothing. For us it was a shocking situation because that speaks of they didn’t even bother to know who we were and what we did“.

Finally, Alberto said that “Lety was looking for alternatives, but we decided retire of the place because we consider that this was an act of discrimination and homophobia. That is why we want to tell you and help us share this, because we believe that television stations as important as TV Azteca and programs with a large audience such as The academy They must be safe spaces for all people, and windows in which the diversity that exists throughout the world can be shown.”


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Reference from www.milenio.com

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