Home Entertainment Dana Paola causes concern by showing herself carrying an oxygen tank

Dana Paola causes concern by showing herself carrying an oxygen tank

Danna Paola tanque de oxigeno

Does Danna Paola have Covid-19 or why did she have to use an oxygen cylinder?

MEXICO CITY – Danna Paola raised concern after i shared one photography in which he is shown with Health problems.

The shared picture made speculate on the possibility of that infected with Covid-19However, despite the alarm it raised among his followers, the singer has not commented on it.

Why did Dana Paola have to use an oxygen cylinder?

Through her Instagram storiesthe singer shared a photo which has raised concerns and rumors about his health. In your post Dana Paola doesn’t say how she is doing only limited to asks his fans to take care of themselves, because apparently the change in temperature has affected his health.

“Bundle up, my friends,” said Danna Paola next to the photo in which she appears dressed in black and wearing a hat.

Dana Paola Causes Concern By Showing Herself Carrying An Oxygen Tank - Light Home News

The null information, however, have led to rumors about the health status The actress, too, even pointed out to some of her fans that it could have been infected with Covid-19as it has been very active for the past few days. This after last August, Danna returned to the stage.

However, internet users emphasize this in the photo even though it appears with an oxygen cylinderShe keeps a smile on her face, which could mean he’s not feeling too bad after all.

Although the snapshot has caused great controversy so far Danna Paola did not share no other publication or message which you can clarify if you submit any serious health problem. Still, his fans hope he’s fine.

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