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Dan Schneider: The story behind the Nickelodeon producer accused of abuse

For more than two decades one of the most important personalities for Nickelodeon was the producer and writers Dan Schneiderwho gave the channel highly successful series such as ‘All That’ ‘Drake and Josh’ ‘Kendall and Ken’ ‘Victorious’among others.

That’s why his dismissal from the company was surprising; nevertheless, signs of abuse, harassment and pedophilia they ended his career; We introduce you to Dan Schneider, accused by actresses like Jennette McCurdy and Amanda Bynes.

Who is Dan Schneider?

Although there is no certainty regarding his date of birth, the most accepted is January 14, 1966 in Tennessee, United States. in his youth he attended only one semester at Harvard UniversityHowever, he dropped out of school to return home and work fixing computers.

finely decided to follow her dreams and move to Los Angeles to fight for his acting career, a medium in which he would later develop as a screenwriter and producer.

Some of the accusations against the producer

The first of the accusations came in 2013 when heactress Amanda Bynes published through his twitter account a series of messages in which he insinuated that he was a victim of sexual abuse On Dan’s part, she also pointed out the hell she lived with her father, who forced her to work on sets even when she no longer wanted to.

This was disturbing since for some years Amanda became the producer’s favorite and favorite actresseven had a program with its own name: ‘The Amanda’s show’.

They award Jamie’s pregnancy to Dan, the product of abuse / Courtesy

With the passage of time andhe behavior that Dan had with her was strangein particular because of the marked closeness to the minor, it was even speculated that in addition to suffering abuse, Amanda got pregnant multiple times by Schneider and was forced to abort.

The foregoing, plus the violence exerted by his father, resulted in serious psychological and addiction problems by Amanda.

Jennette McCurdy and her strange video against Dan

Another of the possible victims is Jennette McCurdy, who on different occasions has expressed the harsh childhood and adolescence that she lived with her mother who exploited her; however, she has also been open about the damage that Nickelodeon caused him, without specifying who or what hurt her.

Yesterday it was revealed that the children’s chain tried to silence the actress with 300 thousand dollars to prevent him from talking about them, an offer he did not accept. The book in which he will reveal the whole truth about his years in the industry will be published on August 9.

There are recordings where Dan is seen scaring the actresses of icarlyas well as throwing them on the floor to have the pretext of touching them. What caused the most controversy was a video published by McCurdy in which she is seen strangely, disheveled and with smudged makeup.

“Hi Dan, I know you’re watching my Vine do you like it? … look what you made me do”, says the actress.

‘Zoey 101’ star pregnant with Dan

One of the biggest scandals was carried out by the star of ‘Zoey 101‘, Jaime Lynn Spears, who became pregnant during the filming of the series at the age of 16. This was no secret; however, the identity of the father was kept hidden.

It is speculated that Dan abused her, so he is the father; Internet users have compared the faces of Dan and the girl assured that they have a great resemblance.

Dan Schneider and his foot fetish

Fans have denounced that all of Dan’s productions have a excessive, meaningless and forced reference to the feet, particularly that of women. He also used the programs’ social networks to ask minors to post or send pictures of their feet. Below is a compilation of clips that show his strange behavior with his casts.

In addition, racy scenes with jokes for adults that should not be present in children’s series have been pointed out. Finally, there is behind-the-scenes material in which he is seen in inappropriate coexistence with the actresses.

Dan Schneider leaves Nickelodeon

In 2016, after the growth of Me Too, there were more and more scandals and allegations of pedophilia in Hollywood, a situation that put one of Dan’s collaborators, Brian Peck, behind bars, who spent 16 months in prison. He revealed that Dan had hidden cameras in the dressing rooms and bathrooms to which the children they came although this could never be verified.

On March 26, 2018 Nickelodeon published through a statement that by mutual agreement the employment relationship between the company and Dan. Given this, no further explanation was provided and to date the case has never been clarified, although the times coincide with the increasingly close accusations of abuse and harassment. Today there is no formal complaintso he is free.


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