Home Entertainment Dan Abrams Joins NewsNation With New Series ‘Dan Abrams Live’

Dan Abrams Joins NewsNation With New Series ‘Dan Abrams Live’

Dan Abrams Joins NewsNation With New Series 'Dan Abrams Live'

Dan Abrams returns to television! The veteran journalist, presenter and media personality joins the NewsNation network with a new series, Dan Abrams live.

NewsNation announced the show on Monday. The series will mark Abrams’ return to television for the first time since the unexpected cancellation of his hit show A&E. Live PD in June 2020.

Dan Abrams Live It will air in the evenings beginning in September and is part of the network’s planned expansion efforts to increase its programming and available content.

“Joining NewsNation is welcome and a natural fit for me,” Abrams said in a statement released by the network Monday morning. “Much of the cable news is tainted by partisanship with programs focused on indoctrinating viewers, blatantly cheering on one side or the other.”

According to Abrams, his show will be “committed to presenting independent analysis and opinions on politics, the media and the biggest stories of the day, exposing hypocrisy on all sides so viewers can make their own decisions.”

“Always fact-based, sometimes surprising, but never driven by agenda,” Abrams said of the centrist ideals of his new show. “You could call it a cable news show for the rest of us.”

September will also see the launch of NewsNation’s new three-hour daytime talk show series, Tomorrow in america, hosted by Adrienne bankert. The acclaimed journalist and former ABC News correspondent will host the Monday through Friday live broadcast, featuring news, interviews and real-time interaction with the public and local newsrooms.

“I’m excited to be able to engage with the morning news that connects with audiences like never before,” Bankert shared in a statement. “This show will be a conversation, putting stories in context and behind the headlines. And we’re going to have fun. Even if people wake up on the so-called ‘wrong side of the bed,’ I want them to turn on watching TV and not just to be more informed, but to feel better, even happier to see us. “

Dan Abrams Live premieres Sept. 27 and will air every night, Monday through Friday, at 8 pm ET. Tomorrow in america premieres September 27 and airs Monday through Friday at 7 am ET.

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