Home Entertainment Dakota Johnson said Alfred Hitchcock abused Tippi Hedren, his grandmother

Dakota Johnson said Alfred Hitchcock abused Tippi Hedren, his grandmother

Dakota Johnson said Alfred Hitchcock abused Tippi Hedren, his grandmother

Actress Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey) assured that Alfred Hitchcock “ruined” his grandmother’s artistic past Tippi Hedren. Reasons? Apparently, she “did not want to sleep with him, and he terrified her and never took responsibility.” The young actress, daughter of Melanie Griffith, made these statements to The Hollywood Reporter.

The bad moment that Tippi Hedren suffered was during filming of some of the two Alfred Hitchcock films that Tippi Hendren starred in: the famous The birdss (1963) or Marnie (1964).

How was the abuse

Alfred Hitchcock And Tippi Hedren, At The Presentation Of &Quot;The Birds&Quot; At The 1963 Cannes Film Festival. Ap Photo

Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren, at the presentation of “The Birds” at the 1963 Cannes Film Festival. AP Photo

In his memoirs, Tippi: A Memoir, published in 2016 said that the notable director who died in 1980 forced her to kiss him and then attacked her. “He put his hands on me. It was sexual, it was wicked. The more I fought him, the more aggressive he became, “he wrote.

Before, he had already pointed out, during an interview with the BBC, that working for Hitchcock was the equivalent of being in “A mental prison.” Why didn’t you report it? Simply because in the distant 1960s of the last century, “sexual harassment was a term that did not exist.”

Dakota Johnson referred to that: “She was always honest and firm in standing up for my grandmother. That’s what she did.” Dakota said she was facing the situation with nobility, because it is about harassment and it is about the grandmother. “It is completely unacceptable that people in a position of power exercise that condition on someone in a weaker position, regardless of the industry. “

Dakota Johnson, Tippy Hedren, And Melanie Griffith: Granddaughter, Grandmother, And Mother.  Photo Jordan Strauss / Ap

Dakota Johnson, Tippy Hedren, and Melanie Griffith: granddaughter, grandmother, and mother. Photo Jordan Strauss / AP

Who is Tippi Hedren

Hedren, from current 91 years old, It was a actress and animal rights activist. He was also a model.

Your success as formal style model led him to appear on the cover of prestigious magazines such as Glamor and Life. Tippi Hedren took a turn in her career and decided to accept the offer of Alfred Hitchcock, who was looking for a female lead for his film Birds (1963), for which he eventually won a Golden Globe.

In 1994 he would also have a special participation in its sequel for television The birds 2, directed by Rick rosenthal and badly received by critics. In 1964 he starred in the psychological drama Marnie, also from Hitchcock.

Innuendo and demands

Tippi Hedren, At The Las Palmas Festival, In 2003 ,.  Today He Is 91 Years Old.  Photo Efe

Tippi Hedren, at the Las Palmas Festival, in 2003 ,. Today he is 91 years old. Photo EFE

In the book on Hitchcock, Spellbound by Beauty (2008), Hedren revealed that Hitchcock actually made offensive advances and demands at her. “He looked at me and just said, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, that from this moment on, he expected me to wear sexually available and accessible to him, no matter how and where I wanted. “

Hitchcock’s demands led the relationship between the two to be ground into a “horrible fight after another”, according to Hedren. “He asked me what he asked me and I could in no way consent to him.”

Then Hedren remembered how Hitchcock told him it would destroy his career. “I said I wanted to end my contract and he told me: ‘You can not. You have to support your daughter and your parents are getting old. ‘

I said, ‘No one would want me to be in this situation. I want to get out of this. And he said: “I’m going to ruin your career”. I said, “Do what you have to do.” And it ruined my career. He kept me under contract and paid me to do nothing. “


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