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Cynthia Rodríguez denied that she will be a mother: “I am not pregnant”

The driver has taken over her morning (Photo: Instagram/@cynoficial)

Cynthia Rodríguez reappeared after a romantic vacation with her now husband Carlos Rivera and, given the strong rumors about an alleged pregnancy, the host of come the joy denied the facts.

It was during this Thursday’s broadcast that the former member of The academy returned to the forum Aztec TV to give some important announcements. Y, in addition to confirming your wedding With the native of Tlaxcala, he mentioned that the speculations that he would supposedly be a mother soon were false.

“There are things that have to be shared and not, I’m not pregnant, I tell the public with all my heart that I know he loves us, that he loves me so much,” he began.

Likewise, Cynthia took the opportunity to send a message to her followers and delved into the fact that if any physical change was perceived in her, it was due to a normal situation since she was enjoying her rest.

“They get excited when they see me a little bulky and I tell them: ‘it’s a normal belly’, it’s tacos al pastor, it was a lot of vacation”.

Similarly, Rodríguez stressed that both she and Carlos Rivera do not rule out becoming parents soon.

“Yes, we hope that this year will be fulfilled for us,” he said.

It should be noted that, prior to the announcement of the marriage of the two celebrities, a couple of months ago Cynhtia Rodríguez announced in come the joy that he would be absent for a while because he would take a vacation with his partner.

(Photos: @cynoficial, @_carlosrivera/Instagram)
(Photos: @cynoficial, @_carlosrivera/Instagram)

But something that began to raise all kinds of rumors was when some images began to spread where the former academics were seen receiving the blessing of Pope Francis in the Vatican.

The photographs shone for a very special detail, since Cynthia Rodríguez wore an ostentatious ring on her left hand, right on the ring finger.

Cynthia Rodríguez confirmed her departure from Venga la Alegría

In previous days, several rumors began to emerge where it was claimed that Cynthia would resign come the joy to be part of Televisa. However, after his reappearance in Aztec TValthough Cynthia mentioned that she will withdraw from the morning, she delved into the fact that the decision was not due to a change in television.

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