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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Cynthia Rodríguez confirms that she married Carlos Rivera; this was the wedding

After a long vacation in Europe and Asia, Cynthia Rodriguez He returned to Mexico and reappeared in the program of come the joy where he confirmed that he married Charles Rivera, a news that had been echoing for several months when both posed on their social networks with wedding rings.

The TV Azteca host attended the morning show this Thursday to talk about the significant episodes that have occurred in her life, including her wedding with the interpreter of Give me back my heart.

Cynthia Rodríguez announces her departure in Venga la Alegría; this was his emotional farewell

“Cynthia, first question, did you get married?” Horacio Villalobos questioned her without further ado, to which the singer responded with a forceful “Yes”.

With a smile from ear to ear, the famous woman expressed how happy she is to have started this new stage in her life next to Carlos Rivera, with whom she has had a love relationship for just over six years.

“I am happy, we are living the best stage of our lives, I am really very happy. There are things that cannot be hidden and I think that love and happiness are one of those.”

This was the wedding of Cynthia Rodríguez and Carlos Rivera

LThe driver shared that she and Rivera said yes in an intimate ceremony; However, she did not want to reveal great details of her marital union, as she emphasized that they are issues that both prefer to keep to themselves.

We are very discreet, we have always handled this situation, our personal part much more privateand well, there are details that are going to stay that way”.

The driver recalled that it was a “wonderful” experience to be in front of the pope Francisco. He also shared that the families of both were present at said visit to the Vatican.

“Receiving that blessing, I think it will accompany us all our lives, that is, they really are one of those magical moments that stay forever. Yes, it was a beautiful moment because it we dreamed and well we know granted. He gave us some super nice words and that will stay forever, for a lifetime, “she added.

The driver stressed that she has united her life with the love of her life: “ANDThe most wonderful man that can exist in this world really and I feel totally lucky. I am very lucky and I thank life, God for what I have to live, that is, the good things, the not so good also because they have made me stronger, but right now in my life I feel full, I feel happy, accompanied and supported,” she said.

Is Cynthia Rodriguez pregnant?

The driver denied the rumors that she is expecting a baby with Carlos Rivera, but clarified that it is within her plans for this 2022, as she had shared at the end of last year.

“I’m not pregnant, yes it is the plan as you know, we hope that it will be fulfilled this year and when that happens obviously they will find out for us, through us”


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