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Cynthia Rodríguez confirmed her marriage to Carlos Rivera: “It was a dream”

(YouTube Capture: CynthiaTV, Instagram Capture: @vengalaalegriatva)

After her long vacation with Carlos Rivera and amid rumors about a possible pregnancy, Cynthia Rodríguez confirmed her marriage bond with Carlos Rivera. The television presenter returned to the morning Aztec TV this Thursday, August 11 to share this great news with the public and took advantage of her visit to rule out that she is pregnant.

Did you get married?” asked Horacio Villalobos and with a big smile on her face, the former academic answered “Yes”. unleashing the euphoria of the drivers.

I am happy, we are living the best stage of our lives. I’m really very happy, what can I tell you, I think there are things that cannot be hidden and I think that love and happiness belong to those things.

Faced with this long-awaited news that was finally confirmed, The driver was questioned about how Carlos Rivera proposed to herbut he preferred not to delve into details and only share the happiness he feels for marrying “the love of his life”.

“You know that we are very discreet, that we have always handled this situation, this personal part, much more private and well, there are details that are obviously going to stay that way, but I had to come to tell it here at my house, in come the joy with the public that wrote me so much that he gave me so much love, “he added.

As expected, the drivers of the morning took the opportunity to congratulate their partner. “I missed you when my mother sent me to a camp against my willpower to the United States when I was five years old, I swear to you,” commented Horacio Villalobos.

(Instagram Capture: @vengalaalegriatva)
(Instagram Capture: @vengalaalegriatva)

Some members of the program and very close friends were present at the wedding and all kept the secret to this day. In this regard, Cynthia Rodríguez hinted that her ceremony “was as it should be” because they were accompanied by the right people, including Ishmael Zhu, with whom the former academic has built a great friendship.

“So if you want details… I’m not going to say details because as you know we are quite discreet on that subject but I did want to tell you that yes, we are happy, in the best stage of our lives and if you want details ask the Chinese” he declared between laughs.

Cynthia Rodríguez denied pregnancy rumors

The student of the fourth generation of "The Academy" confirmed that she will not drive VLA again.  (Photo: Instagram/@cynoficial)
The student of the fourth generation of “The Academy” confirmed that she will not drive VLA again. (Photo: Instagram/@cynoficial)

As soon as the lovers returned to Mexico, the rumor began to spread that they could be in the sweet expectation of their firstborn or firstborn, because since the end of 2021 they shared their desire to become parents. For this reason, Cynthia Rodríguez took advantage of her visit to the program to forcefully deny that news, however, she hinted that she will continue to seek to fulfill her dream.

“Not yet. I think there are things that have to be shared and no i’m not pregnantI say it with all my heart to the public who love us, who love me so much, and who get excited as soon as they see that my belly is a little bulging, but it’s a normal belly, not yet, there were a lot of tacos al pastor… if it is the plan as you know it and we hope that it will be fulfilled this year“, said.

Regarding the photographs that were leaked of her visit to the Vatican, Cynthia Rodríguez commented that it was an unforgettable experience: “It was wonderful, but in addition to receiving that blessing, I think it will accompany us all our lives. They really are one of those magical moments that remain forever… it was a beautiful moment because we dreamed of it and well, it was granted to us, she gave us some super nice words”.

(Photo: Instagram screenshot/@ventaneandouno)
(Photo: Instagram screenshot/@ventaneandouno)

Finally, the host confirmed that she will not return to the TV Azteca morning show, but not because she has projects on other television stations, but because she is focused on building a family with the famous singer.


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