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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Cynthia Klitbo announced that she will leave Mexico after controversy with Niurka and Juan Vidal

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The actress returned to the theme of Niurka and Juan Vidal (Photos: Instagram)

Cynthia Klitbo and Juan Vidal had a torrid romance that did not end on good terms, since the famous denounced that the actor owed her money and that she suffered mistreatment during the time they remained together. Given this, Niurka Marcos-current partner of the Dominican-lor has defended tooth and nailto the point of labeling the Mexican style “ardent”.

After this great scandal, Klitbo announced that will soon leave the country due to a new work project that awaits him in the United States and in prime time.

“Something very funny happens in life, when people start throwing more at you, when dogs bark it is a sign that you are walking. I am on my way to a program that I am going to do together with other colleagues (…) but full of blessings. 42 years of work do not go down so easily”he began to say from a live on his account Instagram.

In this sense, the actress revealed that she will soon start a project titled Guilty or Innocent beside Telemundowhich will have a great cast, among them, Eduardo Yanez. Also, he resumed the theme of Juan Vidal and the criticism that the famous one did to him regarding the fact that he snored a lot at bedtime.

Cynthia Klitbo talked about the next steps in her career (Photo: Instagram)
Cynthia Klitbo talked about the next steps in her career (Photo: Instagram)

”Whoever sleeps with a lioness knows that she snores and if you don’t like it, why do you have a house? And I tell you, yes, I snore, because I am a lioness and lionesses snore, they growl. Lionesses growl, but we also protect, hunt, provide, we are protectors, hunters and I I prefer to see myself as a strong and brave woman, than as a tarad *”, he sentenced.

Things should be reported and I reported. I do it because I don’t want other women to keep quiet.

As for everyoneThe comments you have received on social networks Since she exposed the alleged abuses she suffered from Juan Vidal, the actress said that they did affect her, but the love she has received from the public is also very gratifying.

“If I can tell you that yes I cried a lot because I have to stay very quiet, but one is not made of wood. For two who attack I receive millions who send me kisses and that is very nice,” she sentenced.

It should be remembered that Juan Vidal and Klitbo they began a romance around September 2021, at the time the actor said that they fell in love during the filming of Neighbors Board, but they had been friends for more than 20 years; This love relationship was made known after the rupture that the actress had with Group King.

However, things did not end well for the couple, although they had plans to form a life together, Klitbo and Vidal’s courtship ended 6 months later. At first they announced that they would stay as friends, but in July of this 2022, the actress He denounced him for a debt of more than 60 thousand pesos. In addition, he pointed it out because he apparently had violent behavior against women.

The friction between the actress and Niurka Marcos began when the vedette decided to side with her current partner, Juan Vidal, despite the fact that Klitbo tried to warn her that she could abuse her trust, in addition, made public the problem they had when he lent him money and he did not want to return it, arguing that apparently, it was “like taking bread from his little daughter’s mouth.”


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