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Cynthia Erivo’s partner Mario Martinez: Everything to know about their 5-year relationship

Cynthia Erivo and Mario Martinez have reportedly been dating since 2017. Here’s how they met and where they stand now.

Cynthia Erivo, 35, quite a talented force both on stage and on screen! Recently, the British actress starred in the series Genius: Arethra. she got her big break when she acted purple colour As Seely in 2016. The actress won her first major award by taking home the Tony for Best Actress in a Musical. After that he made his film debut. did in bad times at el royale in 2018.

His talent did not go unnoticed as he was nominated twice for the Oscars in 2020. She received her first nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for her performance. Harriet Tubman and his second for Best Original Song for “Stand Up”, which he wrote music for. Also, above all, having a companion by his side for the entire ride. Here’s everything you need to know about his relationship Mario Martinez.

How did Cynthia and Mario meet?

Cynthia Erivo
Cynthia Erivo at the Oscars (David Fischer/Shutterstock)

Cynthia and Mario actually met when she was dating someone else. She was in a relationship with an actor named Dean John-Wilson. They started dating back in 2013. He was seen with her on the red carpet when he played Prince Ali in the West End production aladdin in 2016. So she and Dean were together for about three years before meeting Mario. While Mario was not another actor, he was in a similar industry where the two saw each other frequently. “He followed me,” she said Vanity Fair in 2019. Even though he was taken away, he used to ask her out.

Eventually, he got lucky and only made his big move after he and Dean broke up. “Then last time, I wasn’t with my ex—except this time he didn’t ask,” she recalled. “He just walked up to me and gave me a kiss.” When this article came out in 2019, the two were dating for two years. This means that the two started dating in 2017. Now that it is 2022, they have either hit or are about to hit their fifth anniversary.

Cynthia and Mario’s Relationship

Cynthia Erivo
Cynthia Erivo on the red carpet (David Fisher/Shutterstock)

Talking about love life, Cynthia is very private. However, she had dedicated some special posts to him in 2019. One of them was the monochrome Valentine’s Day post in which he showed his appreciation for her. He also shared a sweet message about him on his birthday. “I love you,” she wrote in the caption of the post (via) stir., “May this day be sweet for love, may this year be filled with great things. I can’t wait to see the greatness that you have.”

But he has said so little about his relationship with her that some people wonder if they are really still together today. She has actually deleted posts of herself and Mario leading some to believe they are broke. However, this is not a sure sign and the two can definitely still live happily together.

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