Home Entertainment Cubans who won Mexico express their grief for Cuba

Cubans who won Mexico express their grief for Cuba

Cubans who won Mexico express their grief for Cuba

The famous Cuban who had decided to move to Mexico years ago and make a career here has performed and asked for help for his island.

As a result of MEXICO CITY.— demonstrations from Cuba’s population Due to shortage of medicines, hospital care as well as increase in infections and deaths from coronavirus, many famous Cuban have used your social network to Talk about a change in status and demand.

Celebrities who succeed in working in Mexico ask for their native Cuba.

niurka marco

Cuban starlet shared on her Instagram account Phone numbers of people seeking medicine in Merida And to be able to take them to the island. niurka Messaged with information. “Let us help in any way we can, show them that they are not alone and together change the destiny of my people.”

In another previous publication, Cuba wrote: “Let’s hear out loud and clear the cries of our people, Cubans… Cuba wakes up from a protracted nightmare and begins to bravely face reality. We are everywhere, all over the world, let us raise the voice of our people.”

William Valdes

Also host of “Venga la Alegria” and former member of the music group CD9 shared your status About the condition of the country where he was born a photography Where Cubans are seen performing.

Fear is over in Cuba. My country is going through a humanitarian crisis. People are dying, there is no medicine, there is no food, it has been so for years because of the dictatorship and socialism on the island. You have to hit the streets and do what you have to do to drive out these HDPs who have oppressed the entire country for over 60 years, there is no freedom in Cuba! #Soscuba”.

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Cesar Evora

The actor is another Cuban who not only found a home in Mexico, but also found success as he has been the villain and hero of countless Mexican novels.

In an interview with George L. Burrow van Rankin, The actor talked a little about the situation in his country And the difficulties of leaving the island of some.

Rachel Bigora

The television presenter has had a warm relationship with her native country. The model was only 20 years old and started looking for a vacancy in the modeling world, but she also sought to move to television, which was her dream. its price the country prevented him from returning The way he did was to leave the country for the next five years.

With human permission, he was able to say goodbye to his mother, who had died during that period. Raquel is established in Mexico For a long time and now that Cuba is in dire straits, it has preferred not to perform.

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Livia Brito

The controversial protagonist of the telenovela, which just premiered, “La Desalmada”, in Las Estrellas, as a result of the situation in his country The following message is written On his social networks: “The world, Cuba needs your help! Cuba is dying, let’s save Cuba! They need food, hospitals, medical supplies, the world needs everything to help them, they need it on the shores of Cuba.”

Julio Camejo

Whenever he is asked, Julio Camejo talks about his love for Mexico, where he has developed his acting career. But now, Camejo is saddened as Cuba was shaken by historic protests that took the government by surprise, the largest demonstration since the victory of the revolution in 1959.

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