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CT couple breaks down local paranormal stories on podcast

From the White Woman of the Union Cemetery to the Connecticut witch trialsConnecticut is complete of supernatural lore that has attained it a reputation as a “haunted” state. With so numerous tales of the paranormal to look into, a spouse and spouse took it on them selves to launch a podcast to check out these tales.

Sean and Carrie McCabe of Bridgeport host “Is not it scary with Sean and Carrie?” a weekly podcast checking out internationally famed legends and nearby traditions. The pair recently celebrated the broadcast of their 100th episode, a four-part sequence about the UK’s notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper. Though most of its information explores well-known gatherings, the podcast also delves into specialized niche regional subject areas like Stamford Bra murders of 1967-1971 Y The Bridgeport Poltergeist. The most latest episode of the podcast, which was released on October 20, addresses the Enfield Poltergeist scenario.

The strategy for the podcast came about dependent on their mutual appreciation of supernatural and correct crime podcasts.

“It was one of the 1st issues we came with each other on. We might usually listen to exhibits collectively and it would lead to conversing about all varieties of creepy topics like criminal offense and the paranormal and every thing,” Carrie reported. “Inevitably we considered, properly, we’ve received audio products. [and] we know a ton about these things, why do not we give podcasting a try out?

Carrie is an award-profitable filmmaker with her organization, Majors Productions LLC, and also a senior copywriter in the promotion sector. She is also a co-host, producer, and webmaster for the podcast. In the meantime, Sean is a multimedia journalist with News 12 Connecticutas properly as co-host, producer and editor of “Ain’t It Scary with Sean & Carrie.”

Sean describes himself as more of a skeptic when it comes to the paranormal, whilst Carrie is a lot more of a believer, mirroring Fox Mulder and Dana Scully’s relationship on “The X-Information.” “I imagine the folks and the tales all-around these phenomena, the individuals who witness UFOs and ghosts, generally appear to be the most fascinating men and women you have at any time read of. Doubly so if they claim to have been in a spaceship,” Sean stated regarding his skepticism. “I appreciate stories that go away thoughts unanswered.”

Though real criminal offense and paranormal podcasts have abounded in modern years, what sets “Ain’t It Terrifying with Sean & Carrie” aside from its contemporaries, in accordance to its hosts, is its range of paranormal and accurate criminal offense topics in Connecticut. “When it comes to Connecticut record or legends or the paranormal, we have a tendency to get overshadowed by New York or Massachusetts. We have so substantially historical past and so considerably weirdness in our history,” Carrie claimed.

The show’s themes are commonly categorized as paranormal, genuine crime, or other, with Sean and Carrie making an attempt not to repeat a category in consecutive episodes. As for upcoming episodes, Sean and Carrie hope to take a look at additional real crime tales in Connecticut, as perfectly as make a deeper glimpse at Ed and Lorraine Warren from Connecticut.

The McCabes introduced their 1st “Ain’t It Terrifying with Sean & Carrie” episode on “Connecticut Legends and Lore,” a two-component collection that delved into subjects like Dudleytown, Fairfield Hills State Medical center and the leather male. In 2021, the podcast recorded more than 20,000 views and downloads, even though this calendar year it exceeds that amount with 25,000 views and downloads due to the fact March, Carrie said.

In April, “Ain’t It Frightening with Sean & Carrie” joined the Evergreen Relatives of Podcasts Below his Killer Podcasts Branch, which focuses largely on genuine criminal offense and paranormal podcasts. Although they have joined the Evergreen Podcasts team, they are still a co-creation with Longboi Media, a network they established named immediately after their pet, Poe. Underneath the Longboi Media network, the pair also make the weekly podcast, “Downloaded Concerns,” which explores weird hypothetical and theoretical issues by means of a comedic lens.

“Ain’t It Frightening with Sean & Carrie” has your personal Patreon website page, which will allow listeners to obtain various levels of membership, each and every that contains benefits these as exceptional “mini-isodes”, voting ability to opt for upcoming episode themes, and early obtain to episodes. Membership fees range from $1 to $20 for every month.

Following month, the McCabes will conduct at the Salem ParaCon at Salem Condition University in Salem, Massachusetts, on November 12 and 13. The party is getting manufactured by the identical group that places the Paranormal Convention ParaConn in Ansonia in July.

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