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‘Crown of tears 2’: who is who in the second part of the telenovela

Victoria Ruffo returns to the screen with the second season of Crown of tearswhich focuses again on the Chavera family, 10 years after the events of the first part. The premiere of the continuation of the telenovela coincides with the broadcast of the new version of The stepmothera story that the actress starred in 2005.

The new chapters narrate the evolution of the Chavero brothers and what has become of their mother, Refugio -played by Victoria Ruffo-, who has managed to rebuild her life alongside Julian Crown. Although most of the main cast has resumed their role for the second part, there will also be new faces, so here we leave you a guide to the characters.

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The story will begin with Refugio’s three children trying to overcome love relationships and complicated situations that have transformed their lives, especially Patricio’s, who must take care of his daughter Esperanza after his ex-wife Olga leaves for Spain.

Cast of ‘Crown of Tears 2’

In addition to the return of Victoria Ruffo as Refugio Chavero, she also returns to melodrama Pedro Moreno, who plays Julián Corona, a successful lawyer who maintains a love relationship with Refugio, both live in a house in Coyoacán with Patricio and his daughter.

Who’s who in ‘Crown of Tears 2’

Mané de la Parra as Ignacio Chavero

‘Nachito’ is the youngest son of Refugio returns to Mexico after his inevitable breakup with Chelito, with whom he had gone to live in Italy for a while.

Alejandro Nones as Patricio Chavero

He is an ingenious lawyer, Refugio’s son, he has stopped worrying about social position and money to focus on the care of his daughter, who is left in charge after his ex-wife goes abroad.

Ana Belena as Fernanda Varela

He is Patricio’s new love interest. She is kind and good-natured, and she also has an excellent relationship with the Chavero family.

Jose Maria Torres is Edmundo

Although in the past he committed serious crimes to help his mother financially, Edmundo has taken a new path alongside his wife, Lucero; however, his criminal record has prevented him from getting a formal job.

Lucero Rojas is Africa Zavala

She is Edmund’s wife. She is an understanding and kind woman who will have to make a difficult decision in the face of her partner’s bad decisions.

Ernesto Laguardia as Romulo Ancira

After being imprisoned for 10 years, Rómulo will be released, but will continue with his plans for revenge against those who betrayed him.

Geraldine Bazan is Olga

The actress joins the cast to replace Adriana Louvier, who has not been able to return to the project due to her busy work schedule. Now, it will be Bazán who brings Olga to life, a frivolous and fickle woman who has neglected for years the daughter she fathered with Patricio.

Maribel Guardia as Julieta Rojas

She is Refugio’s best friend and mother of Lucero Rojas.

Lara Campos is Hope

She is the daughter of Patricio and Olga. Over time, she will try to get in touch with her mother, who abandoned her when she was very young. The young actress is known for her character in The double life of Estela Carrillo.

Daniela Alvarez as Erendira

The actress is also one of the new signings of the new season of the telenovela. She will play Eréndira, a young and very noble primary school teacher who will live a love story with Ignacio.

When and what time to see the second part of ‘Crown of Tears 2’

The telenovela, produced by José Albero ‘El Güero’ Castro, will premiere this Monday, August 29 at 6:30 p.m. and you can tune in from Monday to Friday on the Las Estrellas channel.


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