Home Entertainment Critics Choice Awards canceled due to new wave of infections

Critics Choice Awards canceled due to new wave of infections

Critics Choice Awards canceled due to new wave of infections

The Critics Choice Association (CCA) canceled the gala of its awards, scheduled for January 9, due to the covid-19 crisis. The awards, which have the majority support of Hollywood, were intended to replace the Golden Globes this year.

The CCA brings together half a thousand film critics from the United States and Canada, its awards celebrated their 27th edition this year and Belfast Y West side story led the nominations.

The most prudent and responsible decision at this point the ceremony is postponed. We are in contact with the Los Angeles County health officials and working to find a new date to hold a face-to-face gala and with health as the main priority, “says the statement released on Twitter by the CEC.

Love Without Barriers Is A Love Story Inspired By Romeo And Juliet.

Love without barriers is a love story inspired by Romeo and Juliet.

To replace the Golden Globes

The Critics Choice Awards intended to take over this year in popularity to the Golden Globes, organized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and that this edition will not be broadcast on television following corruption allegations and lack of diversity.

A hundred companies, between film studios and advertising agencies, have promoted a boycott against the awards that the heavy hitters like Warner Bros, Netflix or Amazon Studios support.

The Golden Globes have not yet ruled on the celebration of their gala.

The new wave for the omicron variant of covid-19 is registering records of infections in some places in the United States. In the last week, cases have grown 92% in New York and 369% in the District of Columbia.

The Golden Globes Ended Up Splattered By Corruption.  The Critical Awards Are Intended To Replace Them.  Photo By Robyn Beck / Afp)

The Golden Globes ended up splattered by corruption. The critical awards are intended to replace them. Photo by Robyn Beck / AFP)

Omicron is already the predominant variant in the United States, with 73.2% of new cases last week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Spielberg, among the favorites

West side story, or Love without barriers, was one of the films most nominated for Critic’s Choice. Steven Spielberg’s film is a remake of a 1961 classic that won 10 Oscars and which, in turn, was based on a musical comedy slightly inspired by Romeo and Juliet.

Steven Spielberg, The Director Of Love Without Barriers.  Reuters Photo

Steven Spielberg, the director of Love Without Barriers. Reuters photo

However, despite expectations, Love Without Barriers did not get off to a good start at the box office.

The numbers spoke for themselves: on their debut weekend raised poor 10.5 million dollars in almost 3,000 rooms where it was released.

The Disney offices are alarmed by the meager repercussion of the film, since the studios (Disney and also 20th Century Studios) invested 100 million dollars in order to retell Shakespeare’s love story for modern times. The thing, apparently, can turn into a resounding fiasco.

But at the same time, they had a certain Christmas hope: “Maybe viewers will be attracted between Christmas and New Years, but it is a bad start for one of the most anticipated films,” he said about it. Variety.

Although each new film has some trouble attracting audiences in the days of Covid, it is concerning that Love Without Barriers, “one of the most beloved stories in musical theater, and under the direction of Hollywood’s most commercially successful filmmaker,” sold fewer tickets on its opening weekend than In the Heights, another musical based on an old hit by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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