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Cristián de la Fuente celebrates the achievement of his daughter, who was thought to never walk again

Cristian de la Fuente he is a proud father. given that his daughter Laura She was shot in an tried robbery in Chile, the actor has not divided from her and has celebrated every of her advances. Now the Chilean could not be happier for the final of the achievements of the youthful lady, who was believed that he might not be able to walk again.

According to de la Fuente, past March Lau questioned his dad and mom: “Do you believe I’m going to walk all over again?”

Several months afterwards, the youthful girl reveals that there is very little to quit her. “November 20, 2022 Lau runs her to start with 10k in the Viña Del Mar marathon in much less than 1 hour !!!”, her father announced.

“This is a indication that Almost everything is attainable in lifetime. That there is no impediment that can’t be get over. Many occasions you waited for me at the finish line and we took this photo but you bit my medal. Currently I have the honor of remaining the a person to celebrate this earn,” he reported.

“A Incredibly essential victory. Because it is not the exact to operate 10k when you have never ever operate to run them following 8 months of becoming shot in both equally legs. You are AN Instance of Willpower and Effort. You do not know how proud I am of you. You are a champion,” de la Fuente allow his daughter know.

In March, father and daughter went to the La Barnechea Golfing Club in Santiago de Chile when they were robbed. As described at that time by the sub-prefect of Carabineros, Juan Miguel Villalobos“the stranger hits the motor vehicle window, in advance of this the driver suddenly flees the spot and ahead of this the antisocial extracts a firearm with which he shoots at minimum when, which the ballistic projectile hits the companion of the target, in this scenario the minor, wounding her in a person of her lower extremities”.

Then the youthful girl underwent surgical procedures to get rid of the bullet that strike her. Since then, her father has not stopped demanding justice for what transpired. Later on that similar thirty day period, the assailants have been captured.

“To proceed trusting in JUSTICE so that now that they are detained, it does not take place yet again that they are expelled prior to finishing their sentence and return to the country illegally soon after a month to proceed committing crimes,” said the actor. “For the reason that the particular person who shot us, if he experienced not been expelled just after two a long time and experienced served his sentence, for a related crime committed in 2020 in Chile, our daughter would not have gained a bullet that went via both legs.”

Reference from peopleenespanol.com

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