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Cristian Castro revealed the reason for his estrangement from Luis Miguel

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For several years, it has been known that the relationship between Cristian Castro and Luis Miguel is distant, however, the reason for their enmity was never revealed. Towards the nineties, their careers were at their peak, so it could be understood that there was some competition, however, the interpreter of Así era ella already revealed why they are not united.

According to what Verónica Castro’s son mentioned, it would have been Daisy Fuentes who started the fight between the two singers. The love of the Cuban model and actress would have unleashed a competition between Castro and Luis Miguel, thus creating the rivalry now known.

Cristian Castro believes that Luis Miguel was angry because the competition between the two did not continue photo: ERS Photos
Cristian Castro believes that Luis Miguel was angry because the competition between the two did not continue photo: ERS Photos

Apparently, the most affected by this fight was Luis Miguel, who was angry because Cristian Castro did not want to “compete” with him, so he withdrew from the contest on time and respected that El Sol maintained a relationship with Daisy Fuentes.

This was expressed by Cristian Castro in the Argentine show Partners of the show. “He took the girl from me, man, what’s the problem? She left it to him. He is angry because he took it away and I left it for him, so she got angry because I left it for her (…) I don’t know what happened. Something pissed him off, obviously, but nothing pisses me off.”

Until now, the singer of When the sun heats has not yet issued an opinion on the matter confirming or denying Cristian Castro’s statement. Although the artist left Mexico because he suffered several assaults, he recently expressed that he would like to return to this country to be with his mother, Verónica Castro.

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

For his part, Luis Miguel has been seen in various places with a rejuvenated appearance, the first was during a night of fun in Miami, Florida, United States.

It is not common for the singer to be photographed during his party nights, because if he takes too much care of something, it is his exposure to the public and, of course, his private life; however, this time agreed to take a picture with three fans of his music who shared the postcard on social mediabecoming the sensation of the moment.

In recent weeks the name of Cristian castro has managed to position itself in the trends of social networks due to its unexpected changes in look since his foray into Argentine television.

Recently, the singer For loving You so He confessed that now in his residency in Argentina he was once again a victim of crime.

It was in an interview for the program our afternoon of the chain TNwhere he revealed that he was the victim of a robbery at his home in Argentina, giving rise to leaving the country where he is participating in the reality show sing with me now to move to Uruguay.

The thirteen
The thirteen

I moved to Argentina, but they assaulted me a little bit. I went to Uruguay and now I am living in Punta del Este”, he remarked for the Argentine press.

However, the singer assures that his heart “is always from Argentina”, and that he made the decision to move to Uruguay in the best way: “You know that I am always integrated and grateful, but unfortunately that happened to me and I took it from The best way. I went to Uruguay not to bother”.

Without delving into details about the robbery, the son of the host and first actress Verónica Castro, He commented that he had not made the complaint public because it was not “dramatic”.

They got into the house. I didn’t make it public because I’m not dramatic. I went to Uruguay and now I’m bothering the Uruguayanss”, he finished for the well-known Argentine program, our afternoon .


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