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Cristian Castro responded to memes for his physical appearance: “I’m trying to have fun”

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The famous has caused controversy for his appearance) (Photo: Instagram/@cristiancastro/Twitter/@CantaConmigoAR

Cristian castro has stood out throughout his career for his enormous acting talent, but, after spending time away from the public eye, Verónica Castro’s son He returned more changed than ever to the Argentine program sing with me nowwhich He unleashed all kinds of memes for his physical appearance.

However, given the bad comments received, the interpreter of hits like For loving you like this, Blue, Raining Stars either Love me again He broke the silence to comment on what he thinks about all the ridicule made by the public.

It was during an interview for the program Telenoche where he revealed that he authorized the use of that type of outfitssince it sought to reinvent itself in the television field.

Cristian Castro was the subject of memes after his appearance in "Sing with me now" (Photo: Screenshot)
Cristian Castro was the subject of memes after his appearance in “Sing with me now” (Photo: Screenshot)

“They dressed me up as a Troll, I don’t know, the thing is that I’m going to extremes to have something different, that each broadcast of each program is something different and have fun too, a moment of mine that I haven’t had on television for a long time”, he remarked.

Regarding the memes, Cristian stressed that he takes all the comments in the best way, because he knows that the decisions he has made are risky. However, dHe stated that he is happy with the direction his artistic career is taking.

“I’m trying to have a little fun, excited with so many jurors and you have to differentiate yourself from everyone, it’s like a circus of everyone there, I did some outlandish looks, in one he looked like a poorly eaten, poorly paid Austin Powers, “he said.

The best memes of Cristian Castro

Cristian is currently in Argentina, where he participates as one of the hundred judges of the program sing with me nowbroadcast on channel 13 in the country.

The first chapter of this talent contest, broadcast this Monday the 25th at night, meant a reunion between the controversial interpreter of Will not be able and millions of viewers, among whom many were shocked by the bombastic style that Cristian Castro showed at the premiere of the broadcast that competes directly with The Argentine voicetransmitted by phone.

And it is that the Mexican appeared with a suit of bright metallic colors – from the brand Dolce & Gabbana-, almost orange yellow hair to match his tie and a lively attitude.

Even before his debut, the so-called “Happy Rooster” He had made a video for the show’s networks, where he showed off his style when dressing, and some users reacted to it. One of the most frequent comments was “the madness” of the singerand there were not a few who they compared him to his fatherthe iconic comedian Manuel Crazy Valdeswho also stood out in the 70s and 80s for an unusual attitude and clothing.

The participation of the Mexican in the Argentine program

“Ladies and gentlemen, an international star. He is Mexican, but I feel that he has his heart here in Argentina. One of the largest and most important figures of melodic and pop music worldwide. son of the dear Veronica Castro. What can I say about his songs? If you put Blueyou dance it If you put Will not be ableyou dance it If you put raining starsyou dance it I told you three, but I can tell you three hundred more, “said the driver at the time of presenting it. And immediately, in complicity with the viewers, he pointed out: “I want to see the suit he brought because they told me: ‘You don’t know how he came dressed!'”, said the presenter Marcelo Tinelli during the first gala Sing with me now.

The singer was surprised by his hair color (Photo: Eltrece)
The singer was surprised by his hair color (Photo: Eltrece)

At that moment, Cristian made his entrance in the middle of an ovation from the spectators present in the gallery. And he melted into a hug with both Tinelli and his son.


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