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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Cristian Castro reacts to memes for his radical change of look: “they dressed me up as a Troll”

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Cristian castro, famous singer recently went viral for the ‘extravagant’ looks he uses on the show Argentinian ‘Sing With Me Now’, where he acts as a judge alongside José Luis Rodríguez ‘El Puma’. Thus, The interpreter of ‘You will not be able’ decided to face the criticism and memes he received on social networks with an impeccable suit and brown hair.

“Am trying to have some fun, excited, as a jury you have to differentiate yourself from everyone, it’s like a circus with everyone there, I did some quirky looks, in one I looked like an underfed, underpaid Austin Powers.”

Cristian Castro does not go unnoticed

In an interview for the program ‘Telenoche’, he assured that he agreed to use these outfits, because he had not had a space on television for a long time and mocks the hairstyle that they did with green hair.

They dressed me up as a troll I don’t know, the thing is that I I’m going to extremes to have something differentthat each emission of each program be something different and have fun too, a moment of mine that I haven’t had on television for a long time”.

The best memes of Cristian Castro and his change of look

In social networks, Internet users continue to get creative and share hundreds of memes of the different looks that Cristian Castro has used


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