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Cristian Castro is exhibited for trying to “flirt” with a young man from Instagram; filter ‘messages’

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Cristian castroson of Veronica Castroin the last days hHe has been among several mentions for his radical changes of look. And it is that dyed her hair with different, but bright colors. Neverthelesson this occasion his name appeared involved in a controversy: he allegedly tried to “flirt” with a fan on social networks.

It was through TikTok where they exposed Cristian Castro for supposedly apply the style of ‘David Zepeda’ and try to flirt through Instagram messages.

Again!? Cristian Castro surprises again with radical change of look

According to the young woman who leaked the singer’s alleged messages to her sister, the famous man was the first to contact her. With flattery and even a request to visit him in Las Vegas, Verónica Castro’s son was exposed.

“I’m going to visit you soon,” the woman wrote.

“Ok, I’ll get you the ticket, I’ll show you very nice here,” Cristian Castro allegedly replied.


As if that were not enough, several messages are seen in which the famous allegedly refers to the young woman as “my love”. Finally, the woman who exposed him pointed out that the singer could be her brother-in-law, but apparently they did not see each other in person.

“How strange a few years ago she also wrote to a friend, I saw the messages”; “Hahahaha what she was saved from. I say this from experience”; “and then he says that god has no favorites”;” It’s real, I have an acquaintance who sent him the ticket… He’s still weird, ”she reads between the reactions.


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♬ For Loving You Like This – Cristian Castro


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