Crimes for which Frida Sofia sued her mother and grandfather (VIDEO)

In a press conference, lawyers for the daughter of ‘La Guzmán’ indicate what are the charges for which she is suing her mother and grandfather.

MEXICO.—legal representative of this June 11 frida sofia He released part of legal complaint that the girl took against His mother, his mother, his mother, Alejandra Guzman and grandfather Enrique Guzman.

a few days ago in Agra Video The influencer also announced that Will initiate legal proceedings against his family, but did not specify what charges would be filed against him. Now their lawyers have revealed what are crimes For which Frida will file a lawsuit against her relatives.

What does Frida demand from Alejandra and Enrique Guzmán?

According to the information provided by the legal representatives of the businessman, Frida Sofia Was accused Before the Office of the Attorney General of Mexico City to your mother and grandfather To commit the offense of: Family violence, corruption and sexual abuse of minors.

Of these charges, at least one of the three offenses that are being prosecuted could land an interpreter of “my shoulders over your head” in prison. Lawyers expressed that if the judge rules on They may seek informal preventive detention.

In this case, he elaborated that Alejandra Guzmán will only respond to crimes of corruption and family violence of minors; While Enrique Guzmán will join these two more sexual abusers.

“this is Same complaint against two people for three offenses The public ministry is the one who determines whether there is a crime and who has committed it. Alejandra Guzmán deals with crimes of family violence and corruption of minors, there is no direct connection with the abuse ”, expressed Olia and Olia’s lawyers in an interview with various media.

The lawyers also indicated that they have enough material against singers to be able to take the investigation to a process.

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