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Creator of The Simpsons anticipates that they will reveal how ‘they manage to predict the future’

The Simpsons, a series produced and directed by Matt Groening, is considered one of the most popular cartoons on television in history. It premiered in 1989 and currently has 33 seasons and there is already talk of a next one.

Fans of the series are currently discussing whether the series should continue or has to come to an end due to a possible decline in the quality of the characteristic humor in the episodes.

Although there was not much hope for the following season, Matt Selman, showrunner of the series, revealed that an episode will be dedicated to telling how they have managed to predict various events that have marked the history of humanity.

We have a very crazy existential episode that explains how The Simpsons predicts the future. It’s a conceptual episode with a lot of crazy stuff, but it explains how The Simpsons can predict the future,” he explained during an interview with Deadline.

Trump on The Simpsons

Without a doubt, this is an episode that no one will want to miss because, throughout its more than 30 seasons, the animated series has predicted historical events.

“I am very excited about season 34. We cannot rest on our laurels. We have to push ourselves and challenge ourselves and make sure that each episode is different, emotional, visual, compelling, terrifying and cinematic,” he added.


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