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Creator of ‘Succession’ jokes about King Charles III’s succession at the 2022 Emmys

This September 12, the 2022 Emmy Awards were held where Succession was chosen as the best dramatic series and when going on stage to receive the statuette, Jesse Armstrong, created by the production gave a speech that has given something to talk about.

During the award ceremony, Jesse Armstrong was forceful with his message and made a reference to the name of the series with what is recently experienced in the United Kingdom after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the succession of King Charles III.

In his speech, Jesse Armstrong commented that it has been a “Great week for successions”. But what caused the most controversy was the joke he made regarding the way the series won. the prize and the way in which Carlos III came to the throne.

“First a new king for the UK, now this…although there were obviously more votes involved in our victory than in Prince Charles’s.”

Without a doubt, this joke caused tension among all those who were at the event and it was evident thatespecially among the people who took the stage with Jesse Armstrong to receive the award.

It was thus that the actor Brian Cox, He took the floor for a moment and tried to calm the situation.

“Keep it monarchical, keep it monarchical,” he commented.

Although the actor wanted to compose the situation, the creator of the series continued with his sarcastic comment.

“Let’s see, I’m not saying that our position is more legitimate than his, we leave this to the people.”

His joke caused endless reactions on social networks and divided opinions, since some disagreed with what he said, while others supported him and they commented that he had had a lot of courage to say something that many people think.


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