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“Corona De Lágrimas” 2: everything about Victoria Ruffo’s return to Mexican television

(Photo: The Stars)

One of the most important melodramas of the new era on Mexican television is back: Crown Of Tears 2 will be released this Monday, August 29 at 6:30 p.m.through the channel The stars. The new big bet Televisa Univision also mark the come back of the Queen of soap operas, Victoria Ruffo10 years after having performed one of the most important roles in his career, Shelter Hernandez.

Lovers of the pink genre acclaimed it and the San Ángel television station listened, the great production Jose Alberto The Guero Castro promises to repeat the formula for success that gave its first part one of the most difficult awards in recent years, since it is more than well known that Mexican telenovelas face a serious audience crisis after the series became the format most important and consumed among Latinos.

Shelter Hernandez returns to the main signal of the call Dream Factory to face new challenges after the three main reasons for their happiness and suffering go through new chapters in their lives, which will greatly affect the typical Mexican mother who, even knowing that nothing will help solve things, crying is more than necessary to face anything.

The return of Victoria Ruffo to Televisa

"The Queen of soap operas" is one of the greatest exponents of "crocodile tears" (Photo: Las Estrellas)
“The Queen of soap operas” is one of the greatest exponents of “crocodile tears” (Photo: Las Estrellas)

After what Shelter and his three children, Patrick, Edmund and the little one Ignatius are kicked out of their home Baldomerolife for each of them has not been the same and in this continuation everything that was not taken 10 years ago will be explored, making it clear that the “they lived happily ever after” no longer applies even in soap operas.

“There are many characters that have marked my career, obviously it is a novel that marks history, because it had never happened that 10 years later a sequel was made, a second part, it is the first time that it happens to me, where we can be most of characters. Shelter He is a character who talks a lot about family union, almost all my characters talk about the mother and her children, now she is a woman who gives her life for them, who suffers with them and who wants to see them succeed. This entire novel is aimed at Mexican families”, Victoria Ruffo expressed for meter.

Who’s who in the sequel?

The famous melodrama was the most watched soap opera in 2012 Photos: Las Estrellas Tv
The famous melodrama was the most watched soap opera in 2012 Photos: Las Estrellas Tv

Shelter – Victoria Ruffo

Edmund – Jose Maria Torre

Ignatius – Mane de la Parra

Olga Ancira – Adriana Louvier

bright Star – Africa Zavala

juliet – Maribel Guardia

Romulus – Ernest Laguardia

Patrick – Alejandro Nones

In addition to the talents already mentioned, it is not known at this time if any other actors or if any actress will return to Crown of tears to bring his character to life in the sequel, since everything around the great melodrama has been handled with great discretion since the purpose is to surprise the Mexican audience who waited more than 10 years to learn more about the characters and their history.

Ernesto Laguardia will once again be one of the most iconic villains on television

Ernesto Laguardia will return to play his great villain (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Ernesto Laguardia will return to play his great villain (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

not only the Queen of soap operas will return to give life to the star character, the actor who established himself as one of the most famous antagonists of recent decades will also have his second chance to ruin the destiny of the Hernández family and thus fulfill his tasks that he could not perform in the first part.

The continuation of Crown of tears opens the possibilities that all that Mexican melodrama that had material for many more stories can be taken up regardless of time, being Ruby Bárbara Mori’s favorite telenovela to opt for the mechanism.


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