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Consuelo Duval dedicates an emotional message to Eugenio Derbez after an accident: “God will be present”

Consuelo Duval, famous actress and comedian, decided to use her social networks to send a message of support to Eugenio Derbezafter it became known that he would be operated on with surgery after suffering an accident. What did the famous woman who for years has been a companion of the comedian in La Familia P. Luche say?

After it became known that Eugenio Derbez’s health was not entirely good, since he would have to undergo surgery after an accident – ​​without specifying what – Consuelo Duval decided to break the silence on the subject and threw words of support for who for years has been his friend and co-worker.

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Consuelo Duval, who plays Federica P. Luche in La Familia P. Luche, indicated that God would be in the operating room so that her health is perfect:

“You are going to enter the operating room and God is going to be present in your surgery, because there are so many of us who have asked for your perfect health that he will personally touch the hands of the doctors,” he wrote.

Also, the famous decreed that everything will be fine and reiterated that his entire family is close to him. Finally, she expressed to him how much she loves him with her peculiar phrase, “I love you kk.”

“Trust my bionic man that everything will be perfect. Your whole family, EVERYTHING is there close to you, ”wrote Consuelo Duval.


To accompany these words, the comedian shared an image in which the actress appears along with several members of La Familia P. Luche. And it is well known that both, in addition to being co-workers, have a great friendship.

As expected, more people added to their well wishes with positive comments:

“Everything will be fine”; “My favorite family. God bless you idol”; “First God, everything will be fine, cheer up Derbez”; “Strength”; “Amen everything will be fine”; “Courage @ederbez you will be fine, we love you”, reads between the reactions.


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