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Concerned about the peasants – El Diario de Yucatán

Concerned about the peasants - El Diario de Yucatán

Ofelia Medina affirms that “they live in misery”

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) .— Ofelia Medina comments that she feels more concerned about the peasants who live in misery and have nothing to eat, than about the lack of employment of the actors, who somehow do not live in the same conditions of many displaced indigenous people.

“The peasants give me more sadness, the actors are suffering and it is terrible and many do not have enough to eat, but unfortunately in our country there are people who are much worse off, for example, rural people, agriculture who are the ones who give us to eat, we have completely abandoned them, if in itself, before the pandemic there were no medical services, today it is terrifying, “says Ofelia Medina.

The producer who has also devoted part of her life to the defense of human rights and the protection of marginalized ethnic groups, invites people to raise awareness about what is happening in the Mexican fields, where people are dying. .

“What we have to talk about right now is that hunger in our country is growing, every day there are more people in misery, not in poverty, but in misery and I have been working for 30 years in indigenous communities, I am returning to Chiapas , where there are 3,200 new displaced people today and that is what concerns us and that is what civil society does. We all have to be aware, demand and denounce that the government must act and assist the displaced ”, emphasizes the actress.

The interpreter of films such as “Before Night Falls”, “Innocent Voices”, “Water with Salt”, “Panorama” and many more, points out that she continues with her amaranth feeding program, which is rich in nutrients and is beneficial. to health.

“I am returning from Chiapas, we have just delivered many tons of food thanks to the public that makes their donations,” he says.

On another topic, Ofelia comments that, although the world is going through a third wave, thanks to the extreme health care that she carries out, she has avoided any contagion and is in good health, and that if she had the opportunity to do something project in the midst of the health crisis, I would.

“Yes, I would take a job, because I know that all the precautions have been taken, in the filming there is a special team for Covid, there are no more than 30 people in a space and they do all the tests, in fact, I have already been in this project of ‘The Mosquito Coast’ and it was still filmed in a pandemic, but with the care and it has been very successful ”.

“I just finished the first season of ‘The Mosquito Coast’ and we are going to do the second season. I’m very happy and it’s a job from which I came out as ‘archi recontra mala’. Having a job and playing a good role is what we ask of life, “he says.