Conan O’Brien to end his show on TBS

The American presented, Conan O’Brien, will put an end to his show called “Conan”, which will stop airing June 24 on TBS.

And is that the driver will move to HBO Max, so it will end an 11-year career in that chain. In this way, in the last episodes they will have special guests and the final chapter will recap the presenter’s career.

The plan is to resurface on HBO Max sometime in the near future, which I believe will be my fourth version of the show, “commented Conan.

The new project that will be made by WarnerMedia on HBO Max, he will look for O’Brien to present something different than what he has already done and to completely move away from the image that everyone has about talk shows.

O’Brien is the most active late-night talk show host in America. The interviewer started working in 1993 at NBC, when it replaced David letterman on “Late Night.”

Conor O’Brien is admired and respected by countless celebrities and viewers, who tune in to all his broadcasts at night, achieving huge rating points.

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