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Committed suicide? They say what happened to Diego Bertie and people suspect

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  • Reactions continue after the death of Diego Bertie
  • Many people believe that the Peruvian actor and singer would have committed suicide
  • His manager, Carlos Sánchez, was one of the last people who spoke with him

A tragedy! Hours after it became known that the Peruvian actor and singer Diego Bertie lost his life after falling from the 14th floor of a building, many people believe that the artist would have committed suicide. His manager, Carlos Sánchez, was one of the last people, if not the last, who spoke with him.

Through the official channel Youtube of RPP Noticias, a video is shown where Carlos Sánchez ‘shows his face’ before representatives of different media outlets in Peru, to whom he shared that he was dismayed by the news and that he was simply in shock.

What happened to Diego Bertie?

What happened to Diego Bertie?

Outside the José Casimiro Ulloa Hospital, located in the town of Miraflores, in Lima, Peru, Diego Bertie’s manager revealed that he did not believe that the fact that some of the artist’s presentations were canceled after having tested positive for Covid-19 would would have affected him to such a degree that he would become depressed or make an attempt on his life.

“He was super happy (regarding the relaunch of his musical career)… I haven’t talked to anyone, I don’t know anything about this subject because I know the same as you do. I spoke with him in the morning and that was all…”, Carlos Sánchez expressed, although there would still be more to share.

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