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Coming to Il Divo, the band that lost a member to Covid and decided to move on at the request of their fans

In December last year, less than four months ago, Carlos Marin, one of the original members of the successful lyrical vocal group Il Divo, died. A true tragedy.

Barely two months later, the remaining members of the multinational group – American David Miller, Frenchman Sebastian Izambaard and Swiss Urs Bühler – they went back on stage You they resumed the tour Which he organized has now been renamed the “Greatest Hits Tour – Homage to Carlos Marin”.

Il Divo, version 2022, without Dear Carlos Marin and with new guest member, Mexican-American Steven LaBrie.  Photo: Courtesy Press.

Il Divo, version 2022, without Dear Carlos Marin and with new guest member, Mexican-American Steven LaBrie. Photo: Courtesy Press.

what special guest, brought in Mexican-American baritone Steven LaBrie and put together a greatest hits repertoire for his latest album, a tribute to the Motown label and instead promoting songs from the ’60s and ’70s. the title is For Once in My Life: A Celebration of Motown,

Il Divo’s group is foreigner The most successful classic in the history of music. with Over 30 million albums soldThe album was the first classical crossover ensemble to debut at #1 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart, with 160 gold and platinum albums in 33 countries.

post-tragedy statement

“Carlos was a larger than life personality, with a rare combination of an incredibly beautiful, God-given voice and absolutely immense talent. His passion, joy, and sense of humor made him a magical person, and his laugh always left someone. Will make you happy too,” began the band’s official statement following the death of Carlos Marin by Covid.

“He was loved by millions of fans around the world and we were fortunate and honored to be able to perform with him amongst us for so many years,” it continued.

The original formation and Il Divo in 2018 with Carlos Marin.  Photo: Press

The original formation and Il Divo in 2018 with Carlos Marin. Photo: Press

“We will deeply miss his joy, friendship and wonderful voice. In his honor, we will create the Carlos Marin Foundation and pay tribute to his singing in our future shows. Everyone will remember him for his beautiful soul, his incredible talent and his wonderful voice. May he rest in peace forever.” Miller, Izmberd and Buhle said.

Before Luna Park

Urs Bühler from Il Divo.  Photo: Il Divo Media

Urs Bühler from Il Divo. Photo: Il Divo Media

After four shows in the United States, the group Il Divo headed to Japan, beginning an international tour that would keep them busy throughout the season. tour includes A new trip to Argentinawhere they are very popular.

will sing May 8 at Luna Park, About two months ago, Urs Bühler took to Zoom and talked about how hard it was to move on and how the love and support of her fans was essential.

“What we’re doing is very special,” he said, “because from two years imprisonment to losing Carlos and being a special guest, we’re really into doing live performances again and again.” Very exciting. We are very happy and happy to be back on stage and be able to sing and compose music”.

-How were the internal conversations to see if this was the end of Il Divo or if they continued in honor of Carlos?

The tour of England had to be stopped when Carlos went to the hospital and died ten days later. I remember we were on a group call with the manager and tour manager when one of them called from the hospital and informed us. Everyone was leaving the chat and hanging out, because it was something very strong! I think the death of a person has never touched me so much, probably because of all the things we spent together and all the things we experienced together.

– And when did they chat and get together again?

-We spoke again only a few days later, and we made comments on social networks to decide to continue with Il Divo. Everyone told us that what happened was terrible, but they asked that Il Divo please don’t end. And I think seeing each other again and continuing to sing together helped us deal with that sadness and sorrow.

What’s more difficult on stage today: not listening to her voice or not having her?

– (thinks for a while and replies almost in a whisper) I think I am not listening. Making music is about feeling and transmitting emotions, so you never know what’s going to happen, but I found that there’s always a special moment where I get very emotional.

Il Divo, archive photo, with Carlos.

Il Divo, archive photo, with Carlos.

visit japan

Regarding the current leg of the tour, Ursa says that, “It’s always a great experience to be here. The unexpected thing is that everything is very, very closed. We arrived three weeks early and the restaurants in Sapporo closed for us at 8am.” That night and when I go to the hotel to have breakfast with my wife there is a plastic screen between us, everyone wearing masks round the clock!

What was the first after quarantine and the first without Carlos?

-In Florida, in Tampa, a month and a half ago. It was like going back to normal with the public without masks and it felt like everyone was able to go out and watch a concert. We’ve already done about 20-25 shows of the tour and we got used to it a bit, but it was especially exciting in the beginning. The four of them spent 17 years together on stage.

challenge of a pop record

Il Divo.

Il Divo.

“The idea for Motown was born for the label’s 60th anniversary in 2020. Everything was postponed due to Covid, but the album and tour had to come out that year. It was a big challenge for Il Divo, because It’s the farthest we have.” It’s gone from the classical repertoire. There are very fast rhythms and songs! I was wondering how we would interpret it with the Il Divo sound, but we put all the stereotypes aside and in the studio we let the sound flow and it worked great.”

– How do these thoughts come about? Is Simon Cowell still around?

– He is gone, many years ago. After the sixth album we saw that he was very busy with his career as a TV personality, so ideas come from anywhere, from one of us or from management, on the train, on the plane, at dinner, Before or after a show. We are working on ideas and some are lost and others we adopt till they are finalised. Now we are thinking about the next album, because we have to see what we are going to do in a year or two.

– Why don’t you encourage them to make songs by the Beatles, which were heard so much after the documentary? Move back,

-laughs) I’m not a big fan of The Beatles, but I know they have some great songs. For breakfast today. orchestral version of yesterday And I was amazed at how good it looked. so why not. No shortage of ideas, huh.

Il Divo in Argentina.  Photo: Martin Bonetto.

Il Divo in Argentina. Photo: Martin Bonetto.

-Last question: Do you remember the first Argentine show?

-Yes. It was in Luna Park, which is very special because it’s so wide, so you see people everywhere. The public is incredible and we have made many good friends in Argentina, so it is always great to be back in Buenos Aires. Finally we can act again and share a very special moment.


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