Comedian tests positive for Covid-19

Michelle Rodriguez confirmed that she tested positive for COVID-19 despite being vaccinated.

MEXICO CITY.— Mexican comedian and actress, Michelle Rodriguez tests positive for Covid-19He revealed this through his Instagram account, where he shared it with his followers. his health.

comedian, who started a new television project with actor Faisy, said that test was done a few days ago And it turned out to be positive. added that He doesn’t know how and where he can get infected, because he had completed his vaccination program against the new coronavirus.

“Well, things like that… Few days back I tested positive for covid. We don’t know where and how, but thank God I am fine,” he wrote on his Instagram profile.

Michelle Rodriguez, 42 years old, commented that there are some symptoms associated with the disease and called upon his followers not to lower their guard and follow health measures to prevent further infection.

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