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Colombian party with Disney

Colombian party with Disney

Proud of the premiere of the film “Encanto”

BOGOTÁ (EFE) .— The Disney film “Encanto” was shown in Bogotá after showing the world the diversity and wealth of Colombia and the other side of a country where films have only depicted violence and drug trafficking.

“The best thing is that it is the positive side of the country that shows us how many beautiful things we have,” said the Colombian actress María Cecilia Botero, who gives Alma a voice.

The film, which hits Colombian cinemas tomorrow, was screened at the Colón Theater in Bogotá, where artists who participated in the Spanish version of the film and other personalities came to present this work that is “finally” the country portrayed.

“It was time for a place as big as Disney to pay this tribute,” said actress and singer Diana Ángel, who attended the red carpet.

“Colombia has a lot to offer and they were late; You paid tribute to Brazil, Cuba, everyone but us, it was time to show all the charms of Colombia, ”he said.

The pretty

The cyclist Egan Bernal, champion of the last Giro d’Italia and one of the most famous Colombians in this sport, also said in the preview that “it will be a good film” because it is “the most beautiful”. of Colombia who are his people and “he will leave something good on our country”.

“Encanto” is set in Colombia and focuses in the purest style of “magical realism” on the madrigal, a family that lives in the mountains and in which all members except Mirabel, a 15-year-old girl, have special powers who are fighting for it to find his gift and save his family from a threat that magic can make go away.

Olga Lucía Vives, singer of the Ventino group, which gives Maribel a voice, admits that as a singer it was “a very rare experience” for her to “lend someone else’s voice”, but she loved giving life to this young woman and hopes to explore the world of acting further.

“It’s a dream come true because since I was little I’ve dreamed of that moment to work with Disney and have the opportunity to sing a Disney song,” said the singer.

The film highlights the family values, but also the Colombian culture, its diversity of fauna and flora and food.

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For the world

The music was also provided by some of the most representative Colombian artists such as Carlos Vives and Sebastián Yatra, who speaks “Dos oruguitas,” the film’s love song.

Universal theme

“Encanto” was presented with success in several countries. According to Disney, the story is a message of love.

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